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10 best spring ground covers

10 best spring ground covers

A blanket of beautiful blooms – 10 best spring ground covers

If you had the power to transform your decidedly underwhelming late-winter garden into a riot of color that covers every eyesore and bald spot, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Enter ground covers – flower bulbs that lay a blanket of beauty over your entire garden - ideal for sprucing up empty spots under trees and shrubs, enlivening your lawn and hiding the less appealing areas of your yard.

Naturalizing flower bulbs

All the ground-covering flower bulbs presented in this blog are naturalizers, meaning that you’ll only have to plant them once, after which they’ll come back every year. Most of them multiply as well, guaranteeing a sudden sea of color season upon season.

10 best spring ground covers

1.Scilla Siberica as ground cover

As one of the most prolific naturalizers in our range, sky-blue Siberian Squill deserves its first place on this list fair and square.

2.Snowdrops as ground cover

Ground covers bloom, by and large, at the very start of the season. Getting their name not only from their color, but also from the fact that they often bloom when there’s still snow on the ground, Snowdrops make perfect ground covers that require no care whatsoever.

3.Winter Aconites as ground cover

Blooming at the same time as Snowdrops, yellow Winter Aconite or Eranthis Hyemalis looks a lot like buttercups (which is not surprising given that it’s from the same family), and likes loose, rich soil with plenty of humus.

4.Glory of the Snow as ground cover

Another extremely prolific naturalizer is Chionodoxa Lucilea or Glory of the Snow. Plant this winter beauty just once, and you’ll be able to enjoy an ever-expanding carpet of color for many years to come.

5.Spanish Bluebells as ground cover

Much later in the season, in late May and early June, a new groundcover suddenly pops up in large swathes of blue, white or lilac-pink. The Spanish Bluebells in this mix are very attractive to bees, butterflies and other pollinators, making them indispensable to the health of your garden.

6.Striped Squill as ground cover

A great ground cover under mature trees, Striped Squill or Puschkinia Libanotica creates a beautiful spring tapestry wherever you plant them (as long as the soil is well-draining). The florets consist of pristine white petals bisected by a soft blue line, and when in bloom this flower has a wonderful fragrance.

7.Anemones as ground cover

Anemones are great ground covers to accompany larger flower bulbs such as Hyacinths or early Tulips. This Anemone Blanda Mix will do everything in its power to cover all the less desirable parts of your garden in a pretty plaid of white, pink and lilac.

8.Daffodils as ground cover

Daffodils might not be the first flower bulbs that come to mind when thinking of ground cover, but their miniature versions are actually perfectly suitable for covering larger areas of your garden that could use some cheering up. The Mini Daffodil Rock Garden Mix is a perfect collection to get started with – added bonus: it’s deer resistant.

9.Crocus as ground cover

Often Crocuses grow as separate little clumps, but with a bit of clever planting you can let them take over your entire garden for a few glorious weeks every spring. The Crocus Sempre Avanti Collection combines the two most eye-catching crocus colors: yellow and purple, to give you a true flower feast as early as late winter.

10.Grape Hyacinths as ground cover

Grape Hyacinths (also known as Muscari), truly do have it all: They’re deer-resistant, fragrant, bee-friendly, naturalizing, and of course very, very pretty. Muscari Latifolium is an extra-special member of the Muscari family, with spikes that start with the darkest blue, switching to lilac-blue mid-spike.

Where to buy ground covering flower bulbs?

Inspired by the covering options above? Now is the perfect time to start planting your ground covering flower bulbs for next spring. Visit our website or go directly to the links above and you’ll be able to order your favorite flower bulbs in just a few clicks. We’ll make sure they’ll arrive at your door quickly and safely.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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