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7 Gorgeous Tulips for Bouquets and Vases

7 Gorgeous Tulips for Bouquets and Vases

7 Gorgeous Tulips for Bouquets and Vases

Imagine a spring garden full of graceful tulips: Regal reds, sunny yellows and pristine whites growing alongside their multi-colored siblings, bringing instant joy to everyone who looks at them. What if you could take this joy indoors? Have freshly cut flowers brighten up your own home, bring some sun into the homes of your friends and family, or use them to decorate your work or your place of worship.

Place a single bloom in a narrow vase on a windowsill for a minimalist design effect or put a bunch in a bowl as an eye-catching centerpiece on your dining room table. Although all blooms are beautiful, some are extra suitable for vase or bouquet. Let's take a look at some tulip varieties that will help you bring spring inside all season long!

1. Tulip 'Banja Luka'

Jump start your spring with this jewel-toned bicolor beauty. This classic tulip bursts forth with rich blood red flames highlighting its golden yellow petals. Banja Luka is a Darwin Hybrid Tulip, which means huge flower heads and sturdy stems, so it can easily withstand an early spring downpour. Tulip 'Banja Luka' starts flowering in early to mid spring.

Tulip Banja Luka

2. Tulip 'Muvota'

The stunning but unusually shaped Muvota tulip is a lucky discovery!The moment our specialists found it growing innocently in a Tulip 'Gavota' field, they knew this hybrid variety would become a beloved bestseller in no time. The petals of this Triumph tulip have a deep purplish brown center, with copper-pinkish outer edges, that mature to orange over time. Tulip Muvota flowers in mid spring.

3. Tulip 'Spryng Break'

Tulip 'Spryng Break' embodies the words exclusive and luscious. A cross between a Darwin Hybrid and a Triumph Tulip, it is a long-lasting, tall flower with sturdy stems. Its blooms are huge, and open white with intense fuchsia-red flames. As the flower matures the red becomes more dominant, with a creamy yellow surrounding glow. This extraordinary, fragrant tulip flowers in early to mid spring.

4. Tulip 'Sunlover'

Tulip 'Sunlover' is a surprising color-changing, double-flowering tulip with a combination of rich yellow and red/orange markings. Sunlover starts off with golden yellow flowers and matures into orange and red to orange in the end. Sunlover is a superb double flowering fragrant tulip that looks like a Peony, and flowers in early to mid spring.

5. Tulip 'Clearwater'

Sometimes simple is best. Clearwater is a white tulip, with large, neatly formed cup-shaped blooms. Its clear color and long stem make this a classic tulip that will lend instant elegance to any place it’s displayed. Clearwater, an improvement on tulip Maureen, flowers in mid to late spring.

Tulip Clearwater

6. Tulip 'Jackpot'

Tulip 'Jackpot' is a lush, full flower in a special, dark mahogany-grape color with brilliant white petal edges and a bit of a white base. This eye catcher is simply made for single-tulip displays on windowsills or side tables. It flowers in mid to late spring.

7. Tulip 'Carnival de Nice'

Tulip 'Carnival de Nice' is one of the last tulips to bloom in the Spring, but it's sure worth to wait to see this variety in bloom! The large double flowers are white with red-burgundy flames. This eye-catching Double Tulip variety has a very distinctive foliage, almost green to gray with a white edging. Thanks to the unique foliage type and the big double blooms, Carnival de Nice is a true beauty. This tulip flowers in late spring.

Please click here to find out all our varieties that are suitable for use as cut flowers.

How to keep your cut tulips fresh?

Tulips can last up to 10 days after cutting if you care for them correctly. Here are some tips on making your display last as long as possible:

  • Cut the tulips when the entire flower is colored, but has not yet opened.
  • Cut as close to the ground as possible.
  • Wrap the stems in wet cloth or paper towels during transport.
  • When putting them in a vase, cut 1⁄4 inch from the base of the stems, at an angle.
  • Remove extra leaves from the base of the stems.
  • Pick a vase that will rise up to cover at least half the height of the tulips. If the tulips bend they will die quicker.
  • Wash the vase with soap and warm water, rinse, then fill with cold water.
  • Position the flowers around the vase so that each stem has a little space.
  • Add some flower food and keep the vase filled with fresh water.
  • Keep the vase out of the sun. Place it in an area that doesn't get too hot and sunny

Make sure you pre-order these bulbs specially selected by DutchGrown before the fall! Maybe even set apart a flowerbed for cut flower purposes? Plant the bulbs in fall when the weather gets colder and you'll enjoy beautiful tulips outdoors and indoors all through spring!

Mixed Tulips Bouquet

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Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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