Best Time To Plant Flower Bulbs

Best Time To Plant Flower Bulbs

Best Time To Plant Flower Bulbs

Learn The Best Time To Plant Flower Bulbs For A Stunning Spring Display

Flower bulbs in bloom are the highlight of the gardening year for many of us.
Snowdrops, crocus, daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, and iris are all very easy to grow;
the most important thing is knowing when to plant them. Follow our guide to the
best time to plant flowers and enjoy months of colorful, fragrant blooms.

When Is The Best Time To Plant Flower Bulbs?

Most flower bulbs are best planted in the fall from September through December.
Bulbs need moisture to start growing so it’s best to wait for the autumn showers
before getting them into the ground. You should plant spring flower bulbs at least
six weeks before the ground freezes so that the roots have time to get established
before winter really sets in. The exact time will depend on the weather conditions
and your climate zone.

When Is The Best Time To Plant Flower Bulbs In Florida and Other Warm Areas?

Bulbs that originate in tropical regions, such as amaryllis, absolutely love the balmy
Florida climate and will naturalize in the garden, where they form large, eye-
catching clumps. Plant them any time from October through December or even
January. Cold climate bulbs such as tulips need a period of chilling to bloom, so
refrigerate them for 8 - 14 weeks before planting in November or December.

When Is The Best Time To Plant Flower Bulbs In Zone 3-8?

Most areas in the US are perfect for growing bulbs such as tulips, snowdrops,
crocuses, and daffodils. Plant the bulbs any time between September through
November. Tulips can be planted even later, up to late November and into
December. The colder temperatures at this time of year help to destroy soil-borne
funguses and viruses that may affect tulip bulbs.

Now that you’ve learned the best time to plant flower bulbs, it’s time to start
planning next season’s display. Explore our flower bulb collection, where you will
discover all the best varieties, as well as our beautiful bulb combinations and Elite bulbs.