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Blue Tulips – Yes, They Are Real!

Blue Tulips – Yes, They Are Real!

Blue Tulips – Yes, They Are Real!

Literature will tell you that tulips come in every color except true blue, but clever plant breeders have come so close to a true blue that you’d have to be extremely particular to tell the difference! Let’s look at some examples and discover the wonderful world of blue tulips in the process. Now all you have to do is choose your favorite – that’s a tough call!

Tulip Alibi: There’s the slightest touch of lilac in the blue, but this tulip is truly a departure from the norm. It’s the bluest of all tulip varieties, so if you want to add an element of surprise to any planting, it’s the perfect choice. What’s more, it’s a marvellously strong-stemmed cultivar – ideal for flower arrangements that bring the elegance of tulips indoors.

Tulip Blue Wow: Never was a variety more aptly named. It’s not just the color combination, it’s the form too. As for the overall effect, we’ve never seen something with more ‘wow’ factor! Fat, artichoke-like blooms are tipped with a frill of deep purple-blue fading to a soft blue-green shade. Sounds unbelievable? Well, we could hardly believe our eyes when we saw it for the first time! It’s still officially classed as a ‘double’, but this rare beauty deserves to fall in a special category of its own.

Tulip Blue Wow

Tulip Vicoria's Secret: There are touches of lilac blue in these gorgeous blooms. When the petals open in the sunlight, the colors graduate to an intense blue at the centre. What could be the catch? There isn’t any! The only problem you may have is restraining yourself from picking too many of the gorgeously formed blooms for the vase!

Tulip Crunchy Cummins: One of the most beautiful of the fringed tulips, Crunchy Cummins is always sure to amaze. The petal fringes are pure-white, contrasting with the lavender-blue of the bloom itself. It’s hardly surprising that this cultivar has achieved accolades and won awards. You’ll want to applaud it yourself when it begins to bloom in your garden.

Tulip Blue Diamond: There’s a touch more violet in this variety than in the ones we’ve looked at up to now, but no list of blue tulips would be complete without this many-petalled wonder. As a late bloomer, it fits in wonderfully if you’re hoping to plant a succession of tulips in order to get the most out of the blooming season.

The Blueberry Snow Collection: Despite our love of the unusual, we have to admit that the classic blueish purple tulip is always going to be a winner – but what if you combine it with white? That’s just what we’ve done with this collection. Blooming is simultaneous and the effect is jaw-droppingly spectacular, especially when you plant a mass of them together. The purple and blue sets off the white in the mixture and the blue emphasizes the white. It really is a treat for the eye!

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For ultimate elegance, there’s no beating the tulip, a plant with a history as colorful as the array of hues the blooms exhibit. Is blue not your style? Perhaps it will be now that you’ve seen the fantastic blues we can offer you. Tulips bring a new definition to the phrase “spoiled for choice”, even when you’re only looking at what’s available in a single color range!

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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