Bulbs to Plant in the Fall

Bulbs to Plant in the Fall

Bulbs to Plant in the Fall

The Best Bulbs to Plant in the Fall for a Glorious Display When Spring Comes Round

What Are the Best Bulbs to Plant in the Fall?

There’s something magical about flower bulbs: planted in fall, they appear to slumber underground all winter before bursting into colorful bloom next spring. Bulbs are amongst the easiest garden plants to grow:

Best Bulbs to Plant in the Fall: Daffodils and Narcissi

No spring garden is complete without a drift of golden daffodils. By choosing a mix of early, midseason and later blooming varieties, you can have daffodils and narcissi blooming for three months. Miniature varieties such as Tete a Tete will naturalize easily and bloom in February. You’re spoilt for choice with a wide selection of mid-season daffodils that bloom in March and April while later varieties such as the Pheasant’s Eye narcissus take the blooming period through to May.

Best Bulbs to Plant in the Fall: Tulips

Tulips are amongst the most colorful spring bulbs and have held pride of place on the spring garden for centuries. With a vast range of colors, shapes and blooming periods to choose from, there’s a tulip for every situation. Plant in fall from September up to November, depending on your location.

Explore our collection of the best flower bulbs to plant in the fall, where you will discover many time-honored favorites, exotic new introductions and mixed collections carefully selected to make a stunning impact in your garden.