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Do Tulips Come Back Every Year?

Do Tulips Come Back Every Year?

Do Tulips Come Back Every Year?

Look After Tulips Properly and They’ll Reward You With More Blooms Next Year

Tulips are the perfect way to add the wow factor to your spring garden. One of the most popular fall planted flower bulbs, tulips come in an infinite variety of colors and shapes. They’re very easy to grow but one of the questions you may be pondering is "Do tulips come back every year?".

Are Tulips Annual or Perennial in the Wild?

Wild tulips grow in harsh, mountainous regions of Turkey, Iran, and Russia where they have evolved to cope with very cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers. In these conditions, tulips are perennial and will bloom year after year. However, if you're wondering how many years tulips will come back in the garden, the answer is that it depends on the conditions. Our gardens rarely offer the environment that tulips naturally prefer. If you want your tulips to come back every spring, you’ll probably need to give them a little help.

Do Tulips Come Back Every Year in the Garden?

Tulips hate being too wet and require a period of dryness before blooming again. The bulbs will usually rot if left in a bed where other plants are watered during the summer. To guarantee that your tulips will come back and bloom again next year, dig up the bulbs after the leaves have turned yellow and withered, then let then dry before storing them in a dark, cool location such as a basement or garage. Replant the bulbs in the fall.

Do Tulips Come Back Every Year in Pots?

When you plant tulips in pots, you’re guaranteed a spectacular display but you’re also putting the bulbs under more stress than in the garden. Tulip bulbs that have been planted in pots will rarely bloom again so most gardeners prefer to treat them as annuals and plant new bulbs every fall.

Now that you know that tulips do come back every year, it’s time to start planning your spring garden. For more ideas and inspiration, explore our tulip collection, where you’ll find tried and tested favorites plus our exclusive Elite bulbs.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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