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Do Tulips Rebloom?

Do Tulips Rebloom?

Do Tulips Rebloom?

Every Tulip Variety Has Its Special Charm - But Will They Bloom Again Next Season?

Do Tulips Rebloom If You Leave Them in the Ground?

For many gardeners, the brilliant colors and graceful shapes of tulips make them the undisputed stars of the spring garden. Tulips are easy to grow, just plant the bulbs in fall any time from September through December and they will bring your beds, borders, and pots to life with colorful blooms in spring.

Many varieties of tulips will not perform reliably for a second season or rebloom, so gardeners often treat them as annuals, discarding them after they have bloomed and planting new bulbs each fall.

Do Tulips Bloom Every Year?

Tulips are a native of Central Asia and grow in regions with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters, an environment that is rarely found elsewhere; in their natural habitat, they bloom year after year.

After a year of growing in the conditions typically found in gardens in North America, the bulbs tend to split, reducing the energy needed to produce good blooms. However, botanical species or wild tulips will often naturalize and return next spring if the conditions in your garden are suitable.

Do Tulips Rebloom If You Choose the Right Variety?

If you would like your tulips to rebloom the following season, look out for Darwin hybrids, tall, stately tulips with large blooms in brilliant shades. As each bloom fades, remove the flower head so that the plant does not waste energy in ripening its seeds. Allow the stems and leaves to die back fully before removing them and then feed the plants with bonemeal.

How To Make Tulips Bloom Again?

Plant tulips next to other perennials with similar leaves that will help to disguise the fading foliage. With luck, your tulips should reward you by blooming again next spring. Other cultivars that will re-bloom under the right conditions include Triumph and Emperor tulips. When ordering your DutchGrown tulips, look out for cultivars that are marked as suitable for naturalizing. Plant in fall and enjoy a dazzling spring display for many seasons to come.

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Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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