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Elite Bulbs – Something Special

Elite Bulbs – Something Special

Elite Bulbs- Something Special

Whether you want to experiment with a unique version of your favorite flower or want to plant your whole garden with stunning showstoppers, DutchGrown’s range of elite bulbs delivers. From early spring to late summer you can fill your garden, container or vase with varieties that will surprise and delight everyone who sees them. Below you’ll find a selection that will take you through an entire season of the best the world of flower bulbs has to offer!

Early to Mid Spring

Early spring begins with crocuses. Orange Monarch has an orange that is so deep that it’s starting to veer into reddish, bringing to mind cocktails and sunsets.

Truly black flowers have been the holy grail of the flower bulb community for centuries, and with Hyacinth Dark Dimension we’re getting really close to finding it. And even though it looks unusual, it still has that same delicious Hyacinth fragrance you’re used to.

If you love ice cream with warm cherries, you’ll adore Tulip Spryng Break, with its mouth-watering white-pink petals with their distinctive pink stripe.

If bigger is better, then giant snowflakes Leucojum Gravetye Giant are simply the best.

A daffodil with petals that hint at peach-brown? Wouldn’t that look odd? Funnily enough it doesn’t, which means that Mini Daffodil Prosecco is as bubbly and delicious as its name suggests.

A double tulips which simply oozes luxury, that’s what Tulip Nachtwacht (Night Watch) is all about. Petals that are a stripy dark red on the outside and burnished yellow on the inside create a rich bloom with depth, movement and drama.

Anemone de Caen Bi-color looks like a poppy you would find in the land on the other side of the looking glass: If you like things to be upside down and inside out, this is the flower for you.

Elite Bulbs- Something Special

Mid to Late Spring

If you like frizzy frilly things and blooms loaded with petals, this is your time:

Yellow orange Tulip Sensual Touch, white Tulip Snow Crystal and white/pink stunner Tulip Queensland have the frilliest edges you’ve ever seen, and Daffodil Sunny Girlfriend and Daffodil Pink Champagne take petal-rich opulence to a whole new level.

A blog about elite bulbs wouldn’t be complete without a stunner like Tulip Amazing Parrot. If Sherbet candy suddenly became a flower, this is what it would look like. At DutchGrown we call this tulip 'The Special One', Tulip Rainbow Parrot.

It’s also around this time that we’re veering into: “Are these even tulips?” territory (but in a good way). The white base and dark purple top of Tulip Blue Wow , the pink base and white top of Tulip Ice Cream and the red base and yellow top of Tulip Ice Cream Banana have to be seen to be believed. And their cousin Tulip Harbor Light with a bloom that is twice the height of normal tulips, will simply take your breath away.

If you like art, and especially the Dutch masters, you know that their still lives often feature beautiful, dramatic looking big tulips like double Tulip Carnival de Nice, with its white petals with dark red flames.

For people who like their wow factor a bit more understated, single late Tulip Apricot Giant is just the ticket. Reaching a height of nearly 25 inches, it combines regal charm with the tender softness of its apricot hue.

Late Spring to Summer

Aren’t Alliums supposed to be purple? Well, clearly Allium Red Mohican and Allium Silver Spring didn’t get the memo, as they’re happily growing away in their red and white splendor.

Dutch Iris Autumn Princess is already looking ahead to next season, mirroring the colors of a perfect New England autumn forest.

As the season winds to an end, flower bulbs have one last beautiful trick up their sleeve: Tulip Renown Unique is every florist’s dream with its peony-style salmon, yellow and green blooms

More & Now

DutchGrown agrees that sometimes more is more. To get a closer look at the intricate details of our top-level elite bulbs, take a look on our website and order your favorites today for quick fall delivery.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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