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Eremurus (Foxtail Lilies) – The Stately Late Bloomer

Eremurus (Foxtail Lilies) – The Stately Late Bloomer

Eremurus (Foxtail Lilies) – The Stately Late Bloomer

Tulips, narcissi, hyacinths, snowdrops…. there are so many beautiful flower bulbs, and they all have their own charm and characteristics. In this blog series we would like to introduce you to a variety of them, helping you to make the best choices for your garden and grow the spring display of your dreams!

Early Summer Spikes

Originating in Western and Central Asia, Eremurus loves warmth and sunshine. Carefully coming out of the ground around April, they will reach their full, impressive height around June, towering over their neighbors in bursts of white, yellow and soft orange. They’re also known as Foxtail Lilies, because just like their furry namesakes, their tails often grow in a ‘wandering’ fashion instead of straight & true.

Plant Passport

  • Height

With Eremurus we’re no longer talking inches, because these whoppers can be best measured in feet. The Robustus and Romance variety can easily grow up to around 7 feet, while the more modest Stenophylus Bungei stops at 2 feet.

  • Fragrance

Foxtail Lilies are fragrant, which means that bees, butterflies and other pollinators love to visit them. Good for your garden and good for the planet.

  • Color

Here at DutchGrown we carry three colors of Eremurus: buttercup yellow, salmony orange, and bright white

  • Bloom time

Foxtail Lilies are the perfect plants to help you keep your bulb season going for longer, as they bloom during late spring and early summer, with Stenophylus Bungei blooming a bit earlier than Robustus and Romance.

  • Longevity

Every year you’ll have a few more Eremurus plants, as these are naturalizing bulbs. And once planted they’ll come back year after year, making them perennial bulbs.

  • Different types

Since we like our plants big and bold, we carry two Foxtail Lilies of the Robustus variety: Robustus and Romance. Since we also like bright colors, we added the smaller but still impressive Stenophylus Bungei, a dwarf variety.

  • Planting

Unlike most other bulbs which are okay with being planted in half shade, Eremurus plants like to stay warm at all times, so they should be planted in full sun. Don’t be scared when you receive your Eremurus bulbs: they may look a bit freaky, but they will give you a very pretty plant. Eremurus is hardy to USDA zones 5-8, and should be planted in the fall. Plant the bulbs 6 inches deep, being careful not to break the bulbs’ limbs. After planting, water well and rest assured that nothing will happen to your bulbs, as deer and other pests don’t like Eremurus.

  • Forcing

Because of their size and the shape of their roots, Foxtail Lilies aren’t great for forcing.

  • Container Planting

Growing Eremurus in containers can be done, but it’s tricky. What they need more than anything is for their containers to be very large. Make sure the container is well-draining, and at least 9 inches in height. Fill with soil and plant the bulbs 6 inches deep, with only 1 or 2 bulbs per pot. Water well and put them in a spot that will be cold all winter long, moving them to a sunny spot once it’s spring, where come June you will be greeted by Eremerus’ sweet scent and tall tail.

  • Pricing

All our Foxtail Lilies are sold for $8.75 / bulb for 1 bulb, going down to $7.40 / bulb for 100.

  • Combinations

Eremurus will look great surrounded by ladies-in-waiting that have a similar color, for instance yellow tulip Westpoint, white tulip Clearwater, or pastel orange Apricot Giant. If instead you want them to bloom together with a bulb that’s more their equal, a great choice would be an allium in a contrasting color, like purple Globemaster.

Foxtails for the season’s tail end

Ready for a spike filled end to your bulb season? Hop on over to our website and order DutchGrown’s Foxtail Lilies today, for top quality bulbs at a wholesale price.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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