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Fall is here – time to start planting your spring garden

Fall is here – time to start planting your spring garden

Fall’s Fresh Beginnings

Is it wrong to long for fall? For most people summer is their favorite season. Lazy days by the pool or at the beach, balmy evenings perfect for a family cookout, and a general atmosphere of freedom and fun. What kind of curmudgeon would want an end to all that? But not all fall-afficionados are motivated by a dislike of sun and leisure. They just happen to really enjoy the things that only autumn can bring, and we’re not only talking about pumpkin spice. Just like spring, fall brings with it new beginnings. As the leaves turn, new leaves are also turned in people’s lives: back to school, back to work, time to put the plans you’ve hatched over the summer into action.

When to plant flower bulbs

And for readers of this blog, those plans might very well involve (finally) planting the flower bulb garden of your dreams. You’ve spent those hot summer days planning out exactly how you want your garden to be, and now that it’s finally sweater weather (another thing fall-lovers adore), you can start making it happen. Once the nights where you live have dipped below 50 degrees Fahrenheit for about two weeks, the moment has come to find the perfect planting spot and get digging.

Where to plant flower bulbs

Depending on the flower, bulbs need full sunlight or partial shade. But all of them need to be planted in soil that drains very well. If bulbs are planted in a spot where the soil tends to get waterlogged, they’ll start rotting very quickly. If your garden has marshy tendencies, you can always opt for planting your flower bulbs in pots or containers instead.

How to plant flower bulbs

As a rule of thumb, flower bulbs need to be planted three times as deep as they are tall. Once you’ve dug the hole, place the bulbs in the ground with their pointy ends up, cover them with soil, and water well. All you need to do now is to let the cold work its magic during the long winter months, and come spring you’ll be greeted by the garden you envisioned the summer before.

How to stop deer and rodents from eating your bulbs

If you’re worried that the bulbs you’ve just planted might not make it to spring because of the rodents and deer in your area digging them up for a quick snack, the tips in these blogs might help.

Act now for a delightful spring

The time to get planting is here, and with DutchGrown’s top quality bulbs you’re guaranteed the best return on your fall-planting investment. If you order your bulbs now, we’ll deliver them to you at the perfect planting time for your location.

Spring Garden

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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