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Freaky Flower Bulbs For Halloween

Freaky Flower Bulbs For Halloween

Freaky Flower Bulbs for Halloween

Ghouls and ghosts, skulls and spiders…It’s Halloween and nature is more than up for sharing in the spookiest of holidays, with lots of top-quality flower bulbs lending their floral charm to this freaky feast.

Witch’s Hair

Running through a forest at night, fleeing from goodness knows what, there can be no doubt you’re playing the main part in a horror movie. But no horror movie worth its salt would be complete without sudden scares and unexpected ickiness. Suddenly you feel weird tendrils sticking to your face - is this the long straggly hair of an old witch? You could be forgiven for thinking that, but actually it’s Allium Hair. This strange variety is so popular with witches and normal folks alike that it’s already sold out for this year, so you better make sure to be the first one in line in the fall of 2020.

Dragon’s Tears

Is this just an innocent flower originating in the woods of North Carolina and Oregon, where hummingbirds love to feed on it? Or is something more sinister going on? Legend has it that the red flowers of Dicholostemma Ida Maia are actually the blood-red tears of sad dragons, turned into flowers where they dropped to the earth. Just to make sure, it’s best to buy them, plant them and decide for yourself.

Horror’s Screams

Actresses who star in multiple horror movies are sometimes called “scream queens”. The more convincing their wide-eyed reactions and wide-open mouths, the more the audience loves it. The world of flower bulbs didn’t want to be left behind, and produced its own little army of “screamers” frozen mid-fright. Sure they claim normalcy with the innocent name Dwarf Iris Katharine Hodgkins, but we know better…

Sorceress’ Gowns

Even the most skillful sorceress wouldn’t be able to come up with a dress that evokes night and darkness the way Hyacinth Dark Dimension can. This amazing and sensuous flower with its lovely fragrance lends a touch of class and elegance to any creepy (night) garden.

Halloween’s Colors

If you just can’t get enough of tulips, but also feel they might look a bit too “regular” to truly classify as creepy, fear not. Apart from freakiness, Halloween has another dimension – color. More specifically the classical Halloween color trifecta of black, purple and orange. What about black tulip Queen of the Night together with the purple tulips from the Golden Gate Collection and pumpkin-orange tulip Princess Irene?

Doom & Bloom

Can’t wait to turn your garden into nature’s version of a haunted house? Time to pay a visit to DutchGrown’s easy-to-use website, and order some extra creepy bulbs. We’ll make sure they arrive on your doorstep at the perfect planting time, so you can start working on your spookiest flower bulb season yet!

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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