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Grape Hyacinths Named Flower Bulb of the Year

Grape Hyacinths Named Flower Bulb of the Year

Grape Hyacinths Named Flower Bulb Of The Year

One of the tinier bulb species, Grape Hyacinths are originally from the area around the Mediterranean Sea, Asia Minor and the Caucasus, countries we nowadays know as Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Armenia.

A Fragrant Bunch

Grape Hyacinths have been given their name because the way the little round flowers grow together make them look like a bunch of grapes. They’re also known as Muscari because of their lovely scent, which the people of ancient Greece felt closely resembled musk.

And just like one name isn’t enough to do this flower justice, it decided that one family of origin was too simple as well: Grape Hyacinths can be classified as a member of the asparagus family and of the hyacinth family.

The main color that comes to mind when you think of Muscari is a deep royal blue, but its full spectrum goes all the way from almost black to the lightest blue, and there are even white varieties.

Grape hyacinths named flower bulb of the year

Rocky Spring

Grape Hyacinths bloom in early to mid spring. They like full sun, but do just as well in partial shade, making it a perfect flower bulb not only for beds and borders, but also under shrubs and trees. One thing their size makes them especially suitable for is rock gardens. And remember, Muscari doesn’t care whether you put the rocks there on purpose, or just want to cover an immovable eyesore with some soil and grow flowers on it.

Muscari Collection

DutchGrown is the perfect place to order your favorite staples, but we’re also proud to store the latest trendy and exciting varieties, so of course we have a beautiful range of Grape Hyacinths for you:

  • Let’s start with the classic Muscari Armeniacum This is the most popular species of Grape Hyacinth, and has been given pride of place at Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands. A bed of densely planted Muscari Armeniacum winds its way through the garden in the shape of a meandering stream, having earned it the name ‘Blue River’.
  • The almost-black blue I spoke of before is being perfectly showcased in bi-color Muscari Latifolium, where the bottom half of the flower is a deep dark blue, and the top half a happy almost-heather.
  • With Muscari Valerie Finnis we jump to the other end of the spectrum, with a blue so light that it’s almost white. This Grape Hyacinth will look amazing together with other pale pastel flower bulbs, like Tulip Ivory Floradale.
  • Just like one name and one family isn’t enough for Muscari, some take it even further, and insist on having multiple colors. Muscari Ocean Magic is an absolutely stunning example of this variety, gradually going from a royal blue start to a periwinkle tip. Muscari Mount Hood takes the cake in this respect. Starting with medium blue, changing to little white bells ending in light-blue edges, and topped of with a white hood, it really is a sight to be seen.
  • Or maybe you’re fed up with blue, but you still want the cuteness and delicious fragrance of Grape Hyacinths. You’re in luck, because we also carry all-white variety Muscari White Magic, and for a truly luxurious and unusual flower, we have the privilege of being able to provide you with a true elite bulb: Muscari Pink Sunrise in the softest baby pink.

Order Now, Plant On Delivery

Want to know why discerning gardeners come back to DutchGrown every year? Take a look on our colorful website and order to your heart’s content. We’ll make sure the bulbs come to you in perfect condition, at the optimum planting moment for your state.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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