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Growing Guide: How to Grow Astilbe

Growing Guide: How to Grow Astilbe

Astilbe is a perennial plant that grows well in partial shade, and is great for adding color to shaded areas. It blooms flowers in various shades, from deep red to soft pink and lilac. They start blooming in mid spring and continue until fall, providing color throughout the season. Hardy in zones 3-9, they are beautiful as border plants, ground cover, or however you choose to incorporate them in your shady garden.

How To Grow Astilbe

How to Plant Astilbe

  • Plant in spring.
  • Choose a spot with partial shade.
  • Use well draining soil.
  • Loosen the soil 12” deep.
  • Plant so the crown is just below the soil.
  • Space them 18 to 24 inches apart.
  • Cover the roots with soil.
  • Water once a week.

Astilbe does best in partial shade, but can still grow in full shade. It’s important to plant Astilbe in loose, well draining soil that can retain its moisture so the plant can establish a strong root system. Using compost and adding mulch can help the soil retain moisture. Water at least once a week until the roots establish, enough that the soil stays moist but does not become soggy.

Note that Astilbe take their time to emerge in Spring, but once they start shooting up they usually bloom throughout the season. They can even hold their fading plumes well into fall if you choose not to cut them off after they lose their color. They are an excellent choice for adding a splash of visual drama in your garden, both with their bright blooms at peak and with their soft shades in the fading stages.

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Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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