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How to Grow Tulips Indoors?

How to Grow Tulips Indoors?

How to grow tulips indoors?

Kickstart Spring by Growing Tulips Indoors

In the cold, dull days of winter, spring can seem a long way off, but there’s a way to enjoy beautiful spring bulbs long before they bloom in the garden. Growing tulips indoors in pots is easy with a little planning; read on to discover everything you need to know about how to grow tulips indoors.

Growing Tulips Indoors: Forcing

Tulip bulbs that you're planning to grow indoors will need to be “forced” or chilled for a successful display. Buy your tulips in early fall, transfer them to paper sacks and store them for a period of 12 - 16 weeks in a cold place, such as the salad crisper of your refrigerator or a cold but frost-free garage.

Growing Tulips Indoors: Planting

Choose a pot with drainage holes and half fill it with compost. Place your previously chilled tulips with their pointed ends upwards and cover with compost so that the tips of the bulbs are just visible. Keep them in a cool, dark place such as a garage for 6 - 8 weeks until the shoots appear, then bring them into a bright, warm room where your tulips will bloom within 2-3 weeks.

Growing Tulips Indoors in Water

For an interesting twist on growing tulips indoors, why not try growing them in water? As before, the tulip bulbs must be chilled for several weeks before planting. Choose a small glass vase that you can partly fill with glass beads or small stones, or you can buy a special forcing vase. The bulb must sit in the neck of the vase with just its roots touching the water - keep the water level about 1" below the base of the bulb. Keep in a cool dark place for 4 -6 weeks and when a shoot appears, move to a bright, warm spot where the tulip will bloom.

Now that you’ve learned how to grow tulips indoors, why not plant some in fall to brighten your home in winter and early spring? Browse our tulip collection for more inspiration: you’ll find a dazzling array of tulip varieties in colors and shapes to suit every taste.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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