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How Deep Do You Plant Daffodils In Pots?

How Deep Do You Plant Daffodils In Pots?

How Deep Do You Plant Daffodils In Pots?

Cheery Yellow, Orange, And White Daffodils Are True Heralds of Spring

The cheerful sight of daffodils and narcissus in bloom is a sign that winter is really
over so it’s no surprise that they are one of the most widely grown spring flower
bulbs. Daffodils thrive in most regions of North America and are easy to grow, so a
question we’re often asked is how deep do you plant daffodils?

How Deep To Plant Daffodils In Pots In The Garden

Daffodils should be planted in groups, about twice the depth of the bulbs or 4” - 6”
deep and spaced about 3” apart. If your daffodils go “blind” - that is, they produce
leaves but no blooms - it may be because they are not planted deep enough.
Another reason for daffodils not blooming is that they can get overcrowded after a
few years. Dig up the bulbs in fall, and then replant them further apart.

How Deep To Plant Daffodils In Pots

If the ground is frozen and you're wondering where to plant daffodils, you can plant
daffodils in pots. Plant narcissus and daffodil bulbs in pots at least 4” below the
surface of the soil. When planting bulbs in layers, you can plant the lowest bulbs
much deeper than this and the shoots will still find their way to the surface to

How Deep To Plant Mini Daffodils In Pots

Mini daffodils such as Minnow and Tete a Tete look lovely at the front of the border
or in pots. Plant on their own or combine with other bulbs such as hyacinth and
crocus for a colorful combination. Plant these miniature daffodil bulbs twice as deep as their height and space them 2” -3 “apart.

Now that you’ve learned how deep to plant daffodil bulbs, it’s the perfect time to
browse our fabulous daffodil and narcissus collection. Our bulbs are classified by
bloom time, color, hardiness and deer resistance, so it's easy to find the ideal
variety for any location.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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