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How Deep Do You Plant Tulip Bulbs?

How Deep Do You Plant Tulip Bulbs?

How Deep Do You Plant Tulip Bulbs?

How Deep Do You Plant Tulip Bulbs For Colorful Blooms in Spring?

Thanks to their brilliant colors and graceful shapes, tulips are one of the most popular fall planted flower bulbs.They combine well with other spring plants and are very easy to grow. However, if it’s the first time you’ve grown them, you may be wondering just how deep do you plant tulip bulbs for the best results?

How Deep Do You Plant Tulip Bulbs in the Garden?

If you've previously grown tulips that haven't bloomed well, it might be because you haven't planted them deep enough. Many gardening experts suggest planting at two to three times the size of the bulb. It’s best to plant tulips in a hole at least 5” deep, especially if you’re planning to leave them in the ground.

How Deep Do You Plant Tulip Bulbs: The Benefits of Planting More Deeply

Tulips that are planted shallowly will reproduce by growing tiny bulbils around the base of the bulb. However, creating these bulbils uses up the energy of the original bulb. If you want them to bloom again, it’s best to plant your tulips more deeply. Planting deeply also gives the tulips a firm base, so they are less likely to blow over in windy weather.

How Close Can You Plant Tulips in Pots?

To achieve a lavish display when planting tulips in pots, try planting tulips in layers - the lasagne method. You can plant them much more closely than in the garden - just make sure they don't touch one another. Take a large pot with drainage holes and add a layer of soil or compost, then plant your latest and largest bulbs first, add a layer of soil, then a layer of earlier blooming bulbs. Finish off with a layer of small early-blooming bulbs such as crocus or snowdrops.

Now you’ve learned how deep to plant tulip bulbs, it’s time to get started! Head over to our tulip collection, where you’ll find tulips in every color imaginable, from pretty pastels to jewel brights and sumptuous dark shades.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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