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How Deep To Plant Tulips?

How Deep To Plant Tulips?

How Deep To Plant Tulips?

Learn How Deep To Plant Tulips For A Stunning Display In Spring

Thanks to their vivid colors and very varied shapes, tulips reign supreme in the
spring garden. With early, mid-season and late-flowering varieties to choose from,
tulips reward you with months of colorful blooms. But how deep should you plant
tulip bulbs for the best results?

How Deep To Plant Tulips In The Ground

The deeper you plant a tulip bulb, the happier it will be. Choose a sunny site and
dig a hole at least 5” deep; this will also mean loosening the soil even deeper in
order to improve drainage. Tulips hate being too wet so if the soil is likely to
become waterlogged, add some compost or grit to the planting hole. Plant the bulbs about 4” - 6” apart with the pointed end facing upwards.

How Deep To Plant Tulips In Pots

Tulips planted in pots can be packed in more closely than in the garden - just make
sure they aren’t touching - but should still be at least 4” deep. When planting a bulb
lasagna for a succession of blooms, the bottom layer of bulbs can be deeper
than this and the shoots will still find their way to the surface.

How Deep Should Tulips Be Planted Indoors

If you can’t wait till spring, you can grow tulips indoors. Fill a pot three-quarters full
of soil, add the tulip bulbs (large ones give the best results) and cover with more
soil so that just the tips are showing. Water well and keep in a cool dark place until
the first shoots appear, then move the pot to a warm bright room.

Now that you’ve learned how deep to plant tulips, you have the pleasure of
choosing which varieties to plant in your spring garden. Go for the wow factor with
one of our delightful tulip bulb collections or make a dramatic statement by planting groups of a single variety around the garden.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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