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How Much Sun do Irises Need?

How Much Sun do Irises Need?

Exquisite Dutch irises are easy to grow and are the perfect addition to a spring garden; how much sun do irises need?

How Much Sun Do Iris Bulbs Need?

Spectacular Dutch irises are grown from small bulbs and are as easy to cultivate as tulips. Named for the Greek goddess of the rainbow, the orchid-like blooms of irises come in a dazzling spectrum of shades and are a favorite with florists and flower arrangers.

Do Irisis Need Sun or Shade?

Irises do well in most regions of North America and are hardy from zones 5 - 9; they bloom best in full sun but can also be planted in partial shade. Many gardeners treat Dutch irises as annuals, planting fresh bulbs each season, but you can encourage them to naturalize by planting in a sunny spot where the soil gets hot and dry in the summer.

How Much Sun do Irises Need in Early Spring?

Dwarf irises make the most of the early spring sunshine and are one of the first spring bulbs to blossom: their regal blue and purple blooms are highlighted with streaks of yellow and white. These iris bulbs are hardy and easy to grow in most situations whether in full sun or partly shaded; plant on their own or combine with other spring bulbs for a display of ravishing spring color.

How Much Sun Do Irises Need When Planted in Perennial Borders?

If your perennial border is hot and dry in summer, Dutch irises sometimes feel so much at home that they may come back season after season. If you’re gardening in a cooler, wetter region, it’s best to consider them as annuals and plant fresh bulbs in the fall. Plant the bulbs in containers to appreciate the delicate beauty of Dutch irises up close; combine irises with other bulbs to create a living spring bouquet.

The bigger the bulb, the better the bloom: the DutchGrown range of top quality Dutch Iris bulbs is the easy way to a bright and beautiful spring display. Use our simple calculator to work out how many you’ll need - the more you buy, the lower the price.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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