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Growing Guide: How to Grow Delphinium

Growing Guide: How to Grow Delphinium

Delphinium commonly called Larkspur is a clump forming perennial. It grows upright and boasts dark green foliage. It’s a great choice to incorporate in cottage gardens, beds and borders, and adds a charming flair to flower arrangements. Its height makes it ideal for the back of sunny borders where it will enjoy some protection from the elements.

Quick Guide

  1. Choose a spot with Full/Partial Sun.
  2. Prepare moist but well draining soil.
  3. Stake emerging shoots to support growth.
  4. Fertilize weekly.
  5. Cut back stems after flowering.
  6. Mulch in the Fall.

Keep in mind that Delphiniums thrive in sunny spots but cool temperatures, and can dry out in hot and humid weather. A place with plenty of sun that also offers protection is an ideal planting site. When planting, you can add compost to the bottom of planting holes to help nourish the plants. In heavy soils, you can add grit to improve drainage. It’s best to feed Delphiniums regularly once they start to emerge, so add a liquid fertilizer every week or two to support their growth. Spring is an ideal time to introduce stakes for the new plants to grow along. Once they have finished flowering, remove the spent flowers to encourage new growth, and you might just get a few more new blooms in late Summer.

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Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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