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How To Grow Hyacinth In Water?

How To Grow Hyacinth In Water?

How To Grow Hyacinth In Water?

Enjoy Fragrant Hyacinth Indoors This Winter By Growing Them In Water

Can’t wait for spring? Why not grow spring flower bulbs indoors and enjoy color and fragrance in winter? Hyacinth bulbs are easy to grow and you can plant them in soil or gravel, and amazingly, they will bloom beautifully when you grow them in just
water. Read our guide and learn how how to grow hyacinth indoors for a fragrant
display at Christmas and right through the winter.

How To Grow Hyacinth In Water: Preparing The Bulbs

For hyacinth to bloom indoors, the bulbs need to be chilled for 8 - 10 weeks in a
refrigerator before planting. To get hyacinths to bloom at Christmas, plant them in as soon as possible after the chilling period. Plant new bulbs every few weeks in fall and enjoy the heady fragrance of hyacinths all winter long.

How To Grow Hyacinth In Water: Starting Growth

Take a clear or colored glass bulb vase and set the hyacinth bulb in the neck so that just the roots are touching the water. The most important thing about how to plant hyacinth bulbs in water is to then place the vase in a cool, dark spot such as a shed or garage. After 6 weeks, you will see that a mass of roots and a green shoot has developed.

How To Grow Hyacinth In Water: Create A Fragrant Centerpiece

Once the hyacinth has developed a shoot of 2”- 3”, move the bulb vase into a
warm, bright spot and enjoy watching the hyacinth bloom develop. Turn the vase
regularly so that the stems grow straight. Group several together on a windowsill to
create a fabulous, fragrant display.

Now you’ve learned how to plant hyacinth in water, discover our hyacinth collection, where you will discover a superb array of varieties to choose from.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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