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How to Plant Amarine

How to Plant Amarine

Ready to jazz up your autumn garden? Let's dive into the world of Amarines, the show-stopping bulbs that'll keep your garden glowing with color just as your summer blooms are taking their final bow. Imagine the joy of seeing these exotic beauties light up your garden on those crisp fall days. Exciting, right?

Planting Amarines:

Your Easy Guide
Amarines are the tough guys of the bulb world – they laugh in the face of frost and come back with a bang every year. They’re cool with temps as low as 14°F, but if Jack Frost gets extra nippy, they wouldn’t say no to a little extra cozying up. These sun-lovers are happiest in a sunny spot with soil that drains like a champ. Here’s a pro tip: plant them so their necks peek out of the soil, like a periscope! If they’re too deep, they might get shy and only send up leaves, no flamboyant flowers.

And don’t fret if they play hard to get at first. These late bloomers might snooze through summer before they decide to show off their green.

Let's Get Planting!

  • Amarines are pretty chill down to about 23°F. They might like a blanket of dry leaves in winter for that extra snuggle.
  • In mid-to-late spring, it’s showtime! Get those Amarine bulbs in the ground, in a sunny or semi-shady spot with soil that doesn’t hold water.
  • Whether in garden beds or pots, just make sure they have room to strut their stuff.
  • Remember, shallow planting is the way to go. Let those bulb necks breathe!
  • Give them some personal space – about 4-6 inches apart should do the trick.
  • After planting, give them a good drink to settle them into their new home.

And there you have it! With these simple steps, you're all set to bring a splash of Fall cheer to your garden. Happy gardening!

How to Grow Amarine bulbs

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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