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How to Plant Hyacinth Bulbs?

How to Plant Hyacinth Bulbs?

How to Plant Hyacinth Bulbs

Learn How To Plant Hyacinth, The Most Fragrant of Spring Flowers

Hyacinths have been favorite fall-planted flower bulbs for centuries, bringing
glorious colors and a fresh fragrance to the spring garden. With their upright
blooms in shades of blue, pink, white, yellow, and red, they look gorgeous in beds,
borders, and containers, and are also ideal for growing indoors in pots.

How To Plant Hyacinth Bulbs

Hyacinths should be planted in the fall, at least 6 weeks before the ground freezes.
Choose a sunny or partly shaded location where the soil does not get too
waterlogged. Loosen the soil to improve the drainage and add some compost. Plant the bulbs with the pointed end up, in rows or groups allowing about 3" - 4" between the bulbs.

How Deep To Plant Hyacinth Bulbs

Plant hyacinths about 5" deep and 3" or 4" apart. Hyacinths grow well in most
areas of North America and are hardy down to zone 4. In areas with cold winter
temperatures, plant hyacinth bulbs 6" deep to protect them from the frost. In pots,
plant at the same depth but you can pack them in more densely; just make sure
the bulbs aren’t touching one another or the sides of the pot.

How To Plant Hyacinth Bulbs Indoors

A few hyacinths planted in a pot will waft their sweet fragrance over the whole
house in late winter and early spring. In September, plant the bulbs in shallow pots
with the tips just above the soil and keep them in a cool dark place for several
weeks until the shoots start to appear. Then move them to a sunny windowsill and
they will bloom for a festive centerpiece. You can carry on planting more bulbs
every few weeks right through to January and enjoy months of colorful blooms.

Now that you’ve learned how to plant hyacinth bulbs, you have the pleasure of
deciding on your favorites. Explore our dazzling hyacinth collection, where you will find fabulous single and double-flowered varieties plus some unusual bulb

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Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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