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How To Store Iris Bulbs?

How To Store Iris Bulbs?

How To Store Iris Bulbs?

Learn About Storing Iris Bulbs For A Colorful Display In Spring

Irises are amongst the most beautiful of all spring flower bulbs, with lily-like blooms
in a rainbow of colors that includes blue, violet, red, yellow, white, bronze, and
pink. Irises are lovely as cut flowers and are very are easy to grow. By storing iris
bulbs after flowering, you can grow them successfully in most regions of North

Storing Iris Bulbs In Winter

In areas with a warm climate, zones 7 - 10, Dutch iris bulbs can be left in the
ground all year but in colder regions, we recommend storing Dutch iris bulbs for the
winter. Dig them up in late summer or early fall then store them in a cool, dry place
for the winter before replanting them in a sunny spot where they will bloom in late
spring to early summer.

Storing Iris Bulbs after Flowering

When storing Dutch iris bulbs for the winter or before planting them, choose a cool,
dry spot with low light. It should also be a location where you can maintain a
temperature between 40° - 50°F and no lower than 35°F. Temperatures any lower
will kill the bulbs. Store the iris bulbs in a net or cloth sack or, alternatively, store
them in a pot of dry sand.

How To Store Bearded Iris Bulbs?

Bearded Iris bulbs or rhizomes can be divided in July and August and if you don't want to replant irises straight away.

The instructions for storing iris bulbs in summer are as follows:

  • Dry the roots thoroughly and remove excess soil
  • Dust them with an anti-fungal powder
  • Wrap each bulb in newspaper and store in a box in a cool dark place.
  • Check them regularly for any signs of damage.

Now that you’ve learned about storing iris bulbs, take a look at our fabulous iris collection, where you will find time-honored favorites as well as some stunning new introductions.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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