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Jumbo Amaryllis bulb varieties for indoors and outdoors

Jumbo Amaryllis bulb varieties for indoors and outdoors

Jumbo Amaryllis: the sparkling queen of bulbs

Deep reds, bright whites, happy pinks. Large, lily-like trumpet blooms on tall, straight stems, a base of strappy leaves… The Jumbo Amaryllis has it all! This statuesque queen of bulbs brings tales of exotic lands and tropical abundance wherever she grows.

Double Joy

An eye-catching statement piece in your window, as well as a showstopper in your garden, the Amaryllis gives you blooms not once, but twice a year! In your garden this beauty will bloom from March to May, for 7 weeks or longer, after which it will go dormant naturally. However, when you keep it indoors, it still has a little surprise for you, and somewhere in winter it will come back to grace you with its presence once again. With the right kind of care, you can even seduce this flower to have its second blooming specifically in the weeks around Christmas.

A flowery love story

Did you know? The name Amaryllis comes from the Greek word “amarysso,” which means “to sparkle.” Greek mythology tells us the story of Amaryllis, a love-struck maiden who longed for the handsome but cold-hearted Alteo. Desperate to win his love, she pierced her heart with a golden arrow and then visited his cottage daily, shedding drops of blood along the way. On the thirtieth day, beautiful scarlet flowers bloomed along the path. Alteo was enamored, Amaryllis' heart was healed, and the beautiful bloom got its name.

The Amaryllis is originally from South America but is native to South Africa as well. Portuguese explorers brought the flower to Europe in the 16th Century, as a gift for the wealthy patrons who paid for their expeditions.

Jumbo Amaryllis Gervase

Planting & Caring

Maybe you know Amaryllis best as a bright red Christmas guest. But did you know that you can enjoy them all year long? Planting and caring for them is incredibly easy, especially when you consider the extraordinary result you’ll get.

To plant them indoors, select a pot that is just a bit larger than the bulb, as it needs to feel crowded to bloom. Partially fill the pot with potting mix, place the bulb with the tip up, then cover so that 1/3 of the bulb still sticks out of the soil. Place a bamboo stalk alongside the bulb, to support the flower once it gets top heavy. Water well and place the pot in bright indirect light. Keep watered so the soil remains moist, but never wet. Turn the pot every few days, so the flower stalk gets light on all sides, and grows evenly. Container-grown Amaryllis will bloom indoors six to eight weeks after potting. If you want to enjoy a succession of Amaryllises all winter long, consider purchasing a number of different varieties and planting a new one every few weeks.

To enjoy Amaryllis outdoors, you can either bring your inside-plant out once the temperature is right, or, when you live in zone 8-11, you can plant them in fall, together with your other bulbs.

Classics & Collections

Here at DutchGrown we know that bulb size does make a huge difference in terms of performance and flowering. We supply the biggest bulbs available on the market, so success is guaranteed! Let’s take a look at some of our Jumbo Amaryllises, all with their own distinctive character. Which one do you like best?

The classic Jumbo Amaryllis Royal Velvet is a deep and intense burgundy red, a stunning sight when in full bloom.

If you prefer large double flowers on shorter stems, the Jumbo Double Amaryllis Nymph, with its ivory petals and apricot flames is your perfect choice.

For a fiery pink explosion, the attractive Jumbo Amaryllis Gervase, with its rosy pink petals and a white and dark red midrib will be just the ticket.

Sometimes more is more. To experience the full range this popular flower variety has to offer, and to get one fun gardening surprise after another, the Jumbo Amaryllis Big 10 mix can't be beaten.

A colorful heirloom

Fun fact: Did you know that when properly cared for an Amaryllis plant can live up to 75 years? This means they can be passed down from generation to generation, keeping memories of beautiful gardens and festive Holidays alive. Amaryllis plants are easy to care for and the bulbs make a wonderful gift for gardeners from beginners to experts. Why not start your own tradition today? To learn more about our Amaryllis selection, click here.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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