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Lasagna Bulb Planting

Lasagna Bulb Planting

Lasagna Bulb Planting

Layer Up Your Flower Bulbs For A Fabulous Spring Display

Flower bulbs are easy to grow whether in the garden or in pots and containers. But did you know that by planting a “bulb lasagna” in fall you can extend the blooming season to enjoy months of color and fragrance in spring? The lasagna bulb planting method maximizes the impact of spring-blooming bulbs and allows you to create a glorious explosion of color even in the smallest of areas.

Enjoy Months Of Color With The Lasagna Bulb Planting Technique

Take a tip from the kitchen: by layering bulbs that bloom at different times, it’s
easy to extend the blooming period to several weeks or even months. The key is to choose a mixture of early, midseason and later blooming varieties so that as the
earliest blooms fade, the later ones are already showing color ready to replace

How To Plant Bulbs With The Lasagna Planting Method

Take a pot and add a layer of gravel at the base to improve drainage. Add a 2”
layer of soil of compost then plant your latest blooming bulbs. You can plant them
closely but make sure they aren’t touching. Add another layer of soil, another layer
of bulbs, add more soil then finish with your earliest blooming bulbs and a final
layer of soil. In small pots, just two layers of bulbs may work better.

The Best Varieties For Lasagna Bulb Planting

Choose early and later blooming varieties of tulips or daffodils and narcissi. Plant
Pheasant's Eye narcissi at the bottom, midseason varieties in the middle and early blooming mini daffodils such as Tete a Tete on top. Or create a colorful spring pageant with early blooming crocus on top, March and April blooming daffodils for the mid-layer and tulips or alliums that bloom in late spring and early summer for the bottom layer.

Now that you’ve learned about lasagna bulb planting for spring bulbs, it's time to
get creative and select which varieties to plant. Browse our collections of tulips and daffodils and choose your favorites!

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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