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Layering Bulbs In A Container

Layering Bulbs In A Container

Layering Bulbs

Plant Bulbs In Layers For A Succession Of Colorful Blooms Next Spring

Flower bulbs such as tulips and daffodils are so easy to grow - just plant them in
fall and enjoy weeks of colorful blooms in spring. But did you know that you can
extend the blooming season by planting bulbs in layers? When you plant bulbs that
bloom at different times, you can create a display that lasts for weeks or even

Layering Bulbs In A Container: The Dutch Bulb Lasagne

The Dutch call this method of planting a “bulb lasagne”. Take a deep pot with
drainage holes and select three or even four types of bulbs that bloom at different
times. The larger the container, the more layers you can plant. Place a few inches
of soil in the pot then add bulbs as late-blooming tulips. You can pack them in quite
closely but make sure they aren’t touching. Add another layer of soil, then plant
your midseason bulbs that bloom in midseason. Add more soil then plant the
earliest bulbs such as crocus or snowdrops.

Layered Bulbs In The Garden

The lasagne method is also ideal for planting flower bulbs in a raised bed in the
garden or in a narrow border near the house. Choose a sunny spot with soil that
doesn’t get too waterlogged. Dig a hole or trench at least 6” - 8” deep and plant
your bulbs in layers as described above. You should space the bulbs more widely
than in a pot.

Layered Bulbs In Containers For Months of Color

The possibilities are endless when designing a bulb lasagne. Go for a themed look
with varieties in shades of a single color or ring the changes with contrasting hues.
Daffodils and tulips are the flower bulbs that often come to mind when planning a
spring garden but there are plenty of other varieties to consider, such as hyacinth,
anemones, and Dutch iris.

Now you’ve learned about planting bulbs in layers, it’s time to get creative and
decide which varieties to plant. Explore our flower bulb collection, where you will
discover an array of early, midseason and late-blooming varieties to create a
stunning bulb lasagne.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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