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A Whole Season of White – Planting a White Garden

A Whole Season of White – Planting a White Garden

A Whole Season of White – Planting a White Garden

Even though variety is said to be the spice of life, sometimes you want to make a powerful statement by using just one color. In this series of blogs, we’ll look at how you can create a beautiful garden using one single color as your guide and inspiration.

Clean White

Take a look around you in your house. Where do you see the color white the most? Chances are you’ll find it in areas where you want to keep things clean, like your kitchen or bathroom and in places where you want to make sure everything remains cool, like a fridge or garden furniture. Small wonder the color white is commonly associated with cleanliness and coolness.

Tulip Clearwater Bulbs - White Gardening

Calm White

But maybe you saw it in other spaces in your house as well, as part of the design choices you made for your living room and bedrooms. Why did you choose white? We’d dare to hazard a guess: you like the peace and elegance that white conveys. A zen-like haven from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Natural White

And just like a home, a garden can convey all these qualities as well: a cool refuge from the heat and a tranquil space to calm your senses. All you’ll need is white flowers growing everywhere, and here at DutchGrown we have a large collection of flower bulbs to make that happen.

First White

It’s no wonder we’re starting this series with the color white, as the pure white snowdrop is the first flower bulb to start blooming every year. You simply can’t go wrong with the classic Galanthus Elwesii, which is not only deer-resistant but also a naturalizing bulb, meaning that it comes back every year without you having to do anything for it.

Layers of White

If you’re planting your bulbs in containers, consider lasagna planting a whole series of white flower bulbs. You could start with Chionodoxa Lucilea Alba or crocus Jeanne d’Arc, then add Scilla Tubergeniana or fragrant Muscari White Magic and finish with Spanish Bluebells White City or Tulip Calgary.

Rivers of White

Choosing to focus on just one color doesn’t mean there’s only one way to design your garden. You could opt to create a river of color, meandering through your beds to create flowing lines. To get the most from this design, it’s best to go with tall white flowers like Daffodil Mount Hood, Eremurus Robustus, White Allium Mount Everest and tall white tulips like Tulip Clearwater and Tulip Sky High White.

Daffodil White Bulbs Mount Hood

Blocks of White

Another garden design that works well for this color is to emphasize the zen-like characteristics of white flowers by planting large squares of them, like color blocks, offset by dark-green foliage or dark wooden ornaments. Ideal flower bulbs for this purpose would be Tulip Royal Virgin, Tulip Daytona or Hyacinth Carnegie.

Plant White

With so many white flower bulbs spanning the entire season, you can create endless combinations for your all-white garden. Why don’t you visit our easy to use website? DutchGrown will guide you through the purchasing process and make sure you’ll receive your top-quality bulbs at the perfect planting time.
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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