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Instant Happiness - Planting a Yellow Garden

Instant Happiness - Planting a Yellow Garden

Instant Happiness – Planting a Yellow Garden

Even though variety is said to be the spice of life, sometimes you want to make a powerful statement by using just one color. In this series of blogs, we’ll look at how you can create a beautiful garden using one single color as your guide and inspiration.

What makes you happy?

In these uncertain times happiness can seem very far away. The world is full of fear and anxiety, so shouldn’t we be focusing on more serious matters instead of talking about something that now seems a bit frivolous and self-indulgent? Here at DutchGrown our answer to that question is Yes & No. Yes, we are fully aware of the impact the current pandemic might be having on the lives of our customers, and our heart goes out to them. We, too, are starting to notice the first consequences of the restrictions all around us. But we still also say that no, focusing on happiness isn't a luxury, simply because we believe that to be able to survive difficult times, people need emotional stamina as well as physical and mental strength.

Instant Happiness – Planting a Yellow Garden

Yellow happiness

The number one way to refill a depleted emotional tank is to expose yourself to things that feel good: Music, laughter, family, pets and anything else that makes you happy. And if there’s one thing that guarantees happiness it’s seeing flower bulbs bloom in spring, especially the yellow ones: When you look at your garden and see a narcissus in full bloom, no matter how bleak everything else might be, you still get a little lift, experience a little joy. Yes, things are difficult, but spring has still sprung and flowers are still here to welcome in the warmer temperatures and longer days.

Our yellow range

As a gentle distraction from somber thoughts, or as an interesting project to keep you occupied during quarantine, we present to you our top picks of the yellow flower bulbs in our range. Their hues run from the faintest yellow of fresh Irish butter all the way to a highly saturated almost-orange, and everything in between.

Instant Happiness – Planting a Yellow Garden

Gold standards

A classic early spring bloom, Crocus Yellow may be little but seeing them will have a fierce impact on your mood.

Narcissus and Daffodils are the yellow spring bulbs. Daffodil Dutch Master is a quintessential staple, so you’d do well to plant it in larger quantities, and you can save some money by buying the landscaper special. Another stunner is Daffodil Queensday, a double narcissus with an egg yolk-yellow center.

Another flower where yellow features heavily is tulips: from a classic like Tulip Golden Parade to the aptly named Tulip Big Smile, and from to the surprising petals of Tulip West Point to the opulence of Tulip Yellow Pomponette.

A yellow timeline

Away from the classics, there are many more yellow flowers you could plant. In an all yellow-season, buttercup’s cousin Eranthis Hyemalis will very likely be the first flower to come out of the still-cold ground, soon followed by dramatically tall Fritillaria Imperialis Lutea Maxima. Next comes Dutch Iris Golden Harvest, which blooms in mid to late spring. The closing act of the season is performed by cute Ixia Yellow and foxtail lily Stenophylus Bungei.

Instant Happiness – Planting a Yellow Garden

Yellow outliers

And then there are the flowers that are better known for other colors, but still carry a yellow variety as well: Allium Molly and Hyacinth Yellow Queen might be unexpected, but they are no less spectacular for it.

Flower therapy

You can buy (a bit of) happiness with DutchGrown’s top-quality yellow flower bulbs. Visit our website today to feast your eyes on our range, and place an order to get your natural happy pills delivered in time for fall planting.
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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