Seeing Double! Double Flowering Tulips

Seeing Double! Double Flowering Tulips

What is something that you enjoy? Now double it! This is how I feel when I’m walking through a beautiful spring garden and I get the pleasure of seeing a “double” tulip. More of what I love.

Living in the upper Midwestern part of States, the long colorless months of winter get drab. By the time the transition between spring and winter begins, all I want is some beauty on my path outside, yet it is still too cold to work out in my garden. The solution? Spring blooming tulips that are planted in the warmer weather of autumn, and even better are double tulips for twice the magic!

If you have a color theme to your garden, or would like to start one, tulips in the spring are a great foundation to build on. These beautiful flowers have many varieties that makes it easy for them to round out a seasonal garden with dozens of different hues. Many of the double flowering tulips have an ombre style of coloration, flowing from a darker tone inside to a lighter one on the outside of the petals and even more have two different colors.

Tulip Double Touch

Once the rest of your flowers start to bloom towards the beginning of summer, these tulips have great thick stems that give them a powerful presence in an indoor floral arrangement as well! These plants generally get about a 12-16 inches tall, prefer mid- to full sun, and have a full, peony-like flower head that truly rounds out the beginning of your spring garden!

DutchGrown offers 37 different double flowering tulip bulbs or collections. We ship these tulip bulbs from August through December as they are Fall planted flower bulbs.