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Tulip Bulbs

Tulip Bulbs

Tulip Bulbs

Tulips, the Stars of the Spring Garden

No spring garden can do without tulips: these magnificent, vibrant blooms are available in an array of different shapes and colors, making them the perfect way to light up containers, beds or borders. Plant our top-quality tulip bulbs in the fall, and they’ll reward you with week after week of brilliant color in spring.

Tulip Varieties to Suit Every Situation

Tulips are renowned for their numerous different heights, flower shapes and range of colors. Tall Darwin hybrids are perfect for making a bold statement in your borders, while miniature tulips look good in rockeries and containers and are great for naturalizing. Flamboyant fringed and parrot tulips add an exuberant splash of texture to your garden displays, while Triumph tulips come in a spectrum of rainbow shades, perfect for creating unique mixtures. Blend complementary shades for a shimmering effect or go for a striking contrast with our black and white tulips.

How to Grow Tulips

One of the things that make tulips such a joy is how easy they are to grow: all you have to do is to plant the bulbs between September to December, before the ground freezes, then sit back and wait for them to burst into color next spring. Tulips like well-drained soil, and look best when planted densely. Combine with other types of bulbs such as crocuses or grape hyacinths or mix early, mid- season and late flowering varieties for a long-lasting show.

The Tulip: A Much-Loved Bloom for Centuries

The tulip originates from the rugged cliffs and mountains of Central Asia, where the botanical species bloom in the most adverse conditions. Since the 16th century, the spiritual home of this much-loved bloom has been the Netherlands, where for generations, the flat landscape, mild climate and fertile soil have provided the perfect conditions for tulip experts to develop an infinite variety of beautiful varieties.

Create a beautiful spring display and buy our top quality DutchGrown tulip bulbs online: all our tulips are expertly grown in Holland and shipped to you in perfect condition for planting.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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