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Tulip Miami Sunset – Tropical Imagination in Your Garden

Tulip Miami Sunset – Tropical Imagination in Your Garden

Tulip Miami Sunset – Tropical Imagination in Your Garden

When you hear the words “Miami sunset”, where does your imagination take you? Perhaps a beautiful beach, slowly emptying after a long day of glorious sunshine and surfing. You, sitting on a deckchair with a colorful cocktail in your hand, cheeks still glowing from the fun of the day, admiring the sun slowly setting into the ocean with stunning hues of pink, orange and yellow…Aah, this is the life.


But hey, wait! Isn’t (quickly grabs atlas) Miami on the east coast? Making it a city for sunrises instead of sunsets? You’re absolutely correct. But really, that is what makes this amazing tulip all the more interesting. It’s named not so much after what is, but after what could be if we didn’t let pesky details like geography limit our imagination. What would a sunset on Miami beach look like? Like this:

Tulip Miami Sunset

A cocktail in bloom

It’s hard to not be in awe of this colorful member of the fringed or Crispa family of tulips. Standing on 20-inch stems, the cups start off with the creamy white of tropical beaches, which gradually changes into a powdery dark purple reminiscent of cassis, only to bleed into a powerful neon-like pink. This color combination on its own would already make it a very nice tulip, but Miami Sunset isn’t done yet: Its grand finale comes in the shape of its bright yellow frilly edges, which change it from “just a tulip” to “wow, what a tulip”.

Eye-catching arrangements

This is the kind of tulip that will be an eye-catcher in your garden, but which really comes into its own as a cut flower for bouquets and vases. And the good news is that you’re not restricted to only seeing this beauty in images online or calling out to you from the windows of expensive florists: you can simply grow it in your own garden!

Planting a sunset

Tulips Miami Sunset blooms during the height of the season, in mid- to late spring. Like all tulips this variety should be planted in fall, before the ground freezes. Pick a spot that gets full sun or partial shade, making sure the soil drains very well, as flower bulbs will rot in soggy soil. Dig a hole 3 times as deep as the bulb is tall, plant the bulb with the pointy side up, and cover with soil. Water well once to help the soil set, and come March or April you will be greeted by one of the most delicious-looking tulips in our range.

Tulip Miami Sunset

Fellow Sunseekers

When combining Miami Sunset with other tulips, you want to go for the complement-and-contrast method: A single-color tulip in one of Miami Sunset’s hues, like yellow tulip Strong Gold to support its beauty; or a dark, almost black tulip like Queen of the Night , to act as background against which it will stand out even more.

Even though simply looking at Miami Sunset makes you think of the fragrance of ripe peaches, it isn’t actually fragrant. If you still want some fragrance in your vase, consider growing it together with a tulip like Golden Parade.

Grow your own sunset

Want to liven up your garden or vase with a bit of tropical splendor? Order Miami Sunset directly from our website, and we’ll make sure your delivery of top-quality bulbs will be with you at just the right time for planting.

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Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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