When Planning Your Spring Garden, Harness The Beauty Of Double Tulips

Double tulip bulbs offer a unique and stunning beauty all of their own, taking the standard and simple lines of a tulip and adding a much softer, romantic look. Available in a broad range of hues, double tulips from DutchGrown will give you a spring garden to be proud of.

Why Choose Double Tulips?

Double tulips feature an almost fairytale-like demeanor as the soft ruffled appearance of the extra layers of petals creates a unique beauty that has a timeless quality. All the double tulip bulbs for sale can be used to fill a larger space than the standard blooms - although the base of the flower remains the same, the double tulips can be spaced further apart due to the extra broad width of the individual flower heads.

What Colors Are Available?

As with all tulips, the color spectrum is broad. White double tulips can be used to create a stunning backdrop to more vibrant variants such as the Blue Wow, Dream Touch and Copper Image. For a more eye-catching contrast, consider the rich purple of Black Hero or the bright cherry red of Abba. From a subtle display to a pop of color, double tulips can offer it all.

Why Use A Peony Double Tulip?

Peony double tulips are one of the most popular options in this genre, showcasing a multitude of soft extra petals that transforms the flower into a much larger but gentler bloom. Double tulips are often used for formal displays as they are one of the most visually impressive blooms. Our Wedding Gift Collection offers a range of peony double tulips that are ideal for weddings and anniversaries due to their romantic appearance.

For an elegant and exciting spring display or a beautiful cut flower arrangement or bouquet, choose double tulips from DutchGrown.

Tulip Renown Unique
The must-have for gardeners with love for big and full, peony style tulips. Very popular as a cut flower. Lightly...
from $0.82 each
Tulip La Belle Epoque
If there is one tulip that plays with its colors, it's peony-like Tulip 'La Belle Epoque'. From copper gold to...
from $0.97 $0.87 each
Tulip Avant Garde
Tulip ‘Avant Garde’ is an early double tulip, blooming in early to mid-spring. Its big and full blooms are almost...
from $0.54 each
Tulip Blue Diamond
Unusual, violet-blue blooms and a profusion of perfectly formed petals characterize this late blooming variety. Plant them en masse for...
from $0.44 each
Tulip Foxy Foxtrot
We love this double tulip with its unique shades of apricot and yellow. Bright green stigmas contrast with the beautiful...
from $0.94 each
Tulip Black Hero
If you’re looking for something remarkable in a tulip, 'Black Hero' is an obvious choice. The double rows of petals are...
from $0.67 each
Tulip Akebono
Tulip 'Akebono' is a large and sweetly fragrant double Darwin tulip in a delightful shade of light yellow with green...
from $0.48 each
Tulip Queensland
Our absolute favorite among our double tulips. Be sure to enlarge the product images of Tulip 'Queensland' we have listed...
from $0.65 each
Tulip Angelique
The abundant petals of this beautiful hybrid are clear pink. Add a touch of romance to any sunny or partial...
from $0.51 each
Tulip Mondial
Double Peony Tulip Mondial - Snow white blooms have the advantage of being almost as visible at night as they...
from $0.39 each
Tulip Dream Touch
Looking for the 'WOW' factor in your garden? Try Tulip 'Dream Touch'! This Double Tulip shows off large, purple blooms...
from $0.79 each
Tulip Red Pomponette
Tulip Red Pomponette, a double darwin tulip, grows very tall and is great for cut flower use. As a bit of flower...
from $0.98 each
Tulip Perfect Wedding®
The name says it all. Tulip Perfect Wedding is the most delightfully dreamy looking double tulip in the prettiest shade of...
from $1.25 each
Tulip Copper Image
You can call the color of this new tulip copper gold, or what about copper red? Or salmon pink. Or...
from $0.68 each
Tulip Drumline
This big red and white peony-like tulip has completely blown us away and "do we know tulips"... As a fourth...
from $0.69 each
Tulip Crispion Sweet
Tulip 'Crispion Sweet' is a really beautiful and exclusive fringed and peony like tulip. The flower starts blooming soft pink...
from $0.62 each
Tulip Columbus
This beautiful peony tulip is glowing reddish pink and has a decorative white edge. Huge double flowers on strong tall...
from $0.48 each
Tulip Exotic Emperor
This bulky double Tulip 'Exotic Emperor' is unique to the Fosteriana family. Pure white full DOUBLE blooms with green and...
from $0.58 each
Tulip Olivia
Double Tulip 'Olivia' is truly kissed by the sun. This new elite bulb has big and full peony-like blooms, its...
from $0.78 each
Tulip Dreamer®
Beautiful Tulip Dreamer is an all-round performer that is as suited to pots and containers as it is to beds and...
from $0.84 each
Tulip Amazing Grace
In Holland we try to hybridize new double tulips with more petals than peony roses. This is certainly not easy...
from $0.66 each
Tulip Jonquieres
Yes!! For years we were waiting to offer this beauty. It took a while to multiply this tulip but 2021...
from $0.94 each
Tulip Danceline
This Tulip is a real show-stopper! What a beautiful tulip this is! Huge, very double flowers like peonies that bloom...
from $0.82 each
Tulip Foxtrot
This award winning Peony Tulip 'Foxtrot' is a must-have double tulip. It has bowl-shaped deep rose to light pink double...
from $0.94 each
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