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Choose Ice Cream Tulips For A Breathtaking Display In Your Spring Garden

Tulips have a lot to offer your spring garden. You get to choose from an amazing array of colors, but if you want something out of the ordinary, ice cream tulips can’t be rivaled. DutchGrown offers two varieties of ice cream tulip bulbs for sale, both of which create a stunning display as soon as they start to bloom.

Why Choose Ice Cream Tulips?

If you want a blue ribbon winner to play a part in your spring garden display, you can’t go wrong if you choose ice cream tulip bulbs. When the tulips start to bloom, they create an intriguing display. The bulbs are unique and look almost good enough to eat. They can be used for ground cover, in pots on your patio, or as part of a cut flower arrangement.

What Varieties Of Ice Cream Tulips Are There?

DutchGrown offers a choice between standard Ice Cream Tulips and Banana Ice Cream Tulips. The standard variety is the color of vanilla ice cream, surrounded by a second layer of petals, colored pink and green. The Banana Ice Cream Tulips start life as a large round sphere that slowly changes from green to a purplish-pink with green stripes. Growing out of the center, there appears a purple-pink casing from which the yellow banana petals emerge. Banana Ice Cream Tulips are available exclusively at DutchGrown.

Caring for Your Ice Cream Tulips

Plant your ice cream tulip bulbs in the late summer or fall, between September and December. They grow well in any moist, well-drained soil, but are particularly fond of a location that receives full sun and is sheltered from strong winds. The ideal planting depth is 5 inches and you'll enjoy a flowering height of up to 4 inches.

For a totally unique and intriguing spring garden display, choose Ice Cream tulips from DutchGrown.