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The tulip is a must-have plant for a delightful display, and lavender tulips are amongst the most attractive varietals. Striking and elegant, with a refined color palette that's a break from the norm, lavender tulips are a mainstay of the spring garden. Graceful and vibrant, lavender tulips add interest and structure to a flower border, whether on their own or as part of a mixed display. The classical lines of the stem and flower delight the eye, and the color adds a dash of class and refinement.

So mix up your palette and buy a variety of lavender tulip bulbs from DutchGrown to enjoy their exceptional beauty for yourself.

Why Choose Lavender Tulips?

Here at DutchGrown, we have a variety of high-quality, stunning lavender tulips that are guaranteed to impress and add interest to any garden. Easy to plant and easy to care for, they're a sure-fire way to help your spring garden look its very best. Our lavender bulbs sale includes the classic Alibi, a true lavender tulip with a glorious, subtle pastel color, it offers a real taste of the classic country garden. It will work well in mass plantings for a swathe of subtle lavender.

Is There A Hardy Lavender Tulip?

A more intense shade of lavender is provided by Magic Lavender, one of our newer lavender tulips; these lavender bulbs offer dark lavender cup-shaped flowers, shading almost to blue. A tough customer, this strong-stemmed tulip can stand up to inclement conditions, ideal for those who suffer from capricious and changeable spring weather. No matter what, it'll keep looking good.

What Lavender Tulip Looks Good In The Home?

One of our more special lavender tulip bulbs is the award-winning Cummins. A classical fringed tulip, this is amongst the most attractive of the lavender tulips. A deep lavender flower with attractive white-fringed petals, it works well as a mass planting, offering a joyful hit of color, but its striking good looks can also be a highlight in more mixed borders and it makes a beautiful cut flower for the home.

To enjoy lavender tulips all spring long, stagger planting through September to December to guarantee all-season color.