Peony Tulips

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Of all of the species of garden flowers, none is so well-known and easily recognizable as the tulip. The classic form of the traditional tulip is unmistakable but hundreds of years of specialized tulip cultivation have resulted in an amazing diversity of both color and shape. Perfect as cut flowers in a bridal bouquet, DutchGrown's Wedding Gift Collection is the ideal place to start planning your special day.

What Makes A Peony Tulip Special?

The peony tulip, as its name suggests, has a flower closely resembling that of a peony. A large-headed double tulip available in a range of colors, these flowers are so similar to those of a peony that often only the foliage reveals its true identity. Like the peony, it flowers in mid to late spring but its blooms tend to be longer-lasting. The Amazing Grace, Copper Image, and Orange Princess, for example, will all offer a beautiful array of colors.

How To Display Peony Tulips

Whereas most tulips are at their best in large displays, the peony tulip is much more of a specimen plant and is best planted in a location where its individuality can be fully appreciated. Its long-lasting large double flowers make it ideal as a bouquet flower but it should be cut before it has opened for maximum longevity. It should also be noted that it should not share a vase with daffodils which tend to impair the opening of tulip flower heads.

What Colors of Peony Tulips Are Available?

As with all tulip varieties, peony tulips come in a vast array of hues and tones. The Dream Touch, Blue Diamond, and Black Hero - ranging from light lavender to a deep purple - will all add glamor to any arrangement of double peony tulips. The creamy ivory of the Exotic Emperor provides a beautiful backdrop to more vibrant colors, while the Drumline, Carnival de Nice, and Sunlover offer a glorious burst of red in a display.

For a full range of peony tulip bulbs in a kaleidoscope of colors, DutchGrown is your one-stop-shop for all of your needs.