The tulip is the ideal plant for spring color, with attractive flowers and an elegant form, and none are more eye-catching than pink tulips. From the subtle blush of light pink tulips to the dash of fun from hot pink tulips, there are any number of shades and tones to play with, all of them guaranteed to bring a shot of pure joy to your spring planting.

For a vibrant and colorful spring display, choose pink tulip bulbs from DutchGrown.

What Are The Most Pretty Pink Tulips?

Prettiness is a subjective thing, but DutchGrown has a pink tulip range to cover every taste. Enjoy the subtlety of pale pink tulips like Innuendo with their white petal shading to baby pink, or create more extravagant displays with the vivid Pink Impression, with its eye-catching color perfect for a mass planting. For something a little different, consider the candy-striped petals of Marilyn. No matter your preference, DutchGrown has the pink tulip bulbs to suit.

Are There Any Double Pink Tulips?

For an intricate floral display, it's hard to beat double pink tulips, and they also make excellent cut flowers for home display. We have a wide selection of double pink tulip bulbs, from the variegated, frilled petals of the exciting Queensland and Brisbane to the intricate, developing colors of the magnificent La Belle Epoque, justly famed for its fragrance and beauty.

What Are The Best Pink Tulips For Mass Planting?

At DutchGrown, we've got a variety of tulip bulbs that will look amazing as part of a mass planting. Chocolate Candy combines dark pink tulips with light pink and white for show-stopping visual appeal, or try the violet and pink mix of Venice for a subtle play of color. Plant through autumn for beautiful pink tulips all spring long.

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Tulip Renown Unique
The must-have for gardeners with love for big and full, peony style tulips. Very popular as a cut flower. Lightly...
from $0.82 each
Tulip Jumbo Cherry
This cherry red tulip is huge. Long lasting 5 inch tall flowers! Darwin hybrid tulips are the strongest available on the market...
from $0.37 each
Tulip Angelique
The abundant petals of this beautiful hybrid are clear pink. Add a touch of romance to any sunny or partial...
from $0.51 each
Tulip Innuendo
New in our tulip collection. Tulip 'Innuendo' is white which leads to baby pink and sparkling, pale pink edges of...
from $0.46 each
Tulip Foxtrot
This award winning Peony Tulip 'Foxtrot' is a must-have double tulip. It has bowl-shaped deep rose to light pink double...
from $0.94 each
Tulip Lilac Wonder
Beautiful petite Tulip 'Lilac Wonder'. Prettier than any of the other spring flowers, the lilac-pink and white blooms with their...
from $0.32 each
Tulip Danceline
This Tulip is a real show-stopper! What a beautiful tulip this is! Huge, very double flowers like peonies that bloom...
from $0.82 each
Tulip Sugar Crystal
DutchGrown is proud to introduce the stunning Tulip Sugar Crystal. This gorgeous double tulip is bound to turn heads with...
from $0.88 each
Tulip China Town
Soft pink petals with contrasting green midribs, Tulip 'China Town' adds to the incredible diversity of tulips available. This highly...
from $0.46 each
Tulip Neglige
This novelty tulip 'Neglige' is pure white and has a beautiful pink fringed edge on every petal. We are proud...
from $0.69 each
Tulip Pink Impression
The rich pink blooms of this hybrid are bound to make an impression, whether used in the landscape or as...
from $0.94 each
Tulip Menton
Apricot petals with a broad, peach edging enhance the form of the much-loved tulip Menton. Enjoy this vigorous, tall growing...
from $0.98 each
Tulip Queensland
Our absolute favorite among our double tulips. Be sure to enlarge the product images of Tulip 'Queensland' we have listed...
from $0.65 each
Tulip Columbus
This beautiful peony tulip is glowing reddish pink and has a decorative white edge. Huge double flowers on strong tall...
from $0.48 each
Tulip Cabanna Parrot
This brand new tulip 'Cabanna Parrot' was bred by one of the best Dutch breeders and we are very proud...
from $0.84 each
Tulip Dordogne
This tulip variety 'Dordogne' is a true winner to the Singe Late family. Striking salmon orange with yellow stripes. A...
from $0.42 each
Tulip Perfect Wedding®
The name says it all. Tulip Perfect Wedding is the most delightfully dreamy looking double tulip in the prettiest shade of...
from $1.25 each
Tulip Jumbo Pink
New in our tulip collection. Tulip 'Jumbo Pink' is a true pink tulip variety. This new tulip has huge flowers...
from $0.42 each
Tulip Crispion Sweet
Tulip 'Crispion Sweet' is a really beautiful and exclusive fringed and peony like tulip. The flower starts blooming soft pink...
from $0.62 each
Tulip Dreamer®
Beautiful Tulip Dreamer is an all-round performer that is as suited to pots and containers as it is to beds and...
from $0.84 each
Tulip Jonquieres
Yes!! For years we were waiting to offer this beauty. It took a while to multiply this tulip but 2021...
from $0.94 each
Tulip Amazing Grace
In Holland we try to hybridize new double tulips with more petals than peony roses. This is certainly not easy...
from $0.66 each
Tulip Brisbane
The softness of sherbet colors and the liveliness of frilly edges come together in Double Tulip ‘Brisbane’. The petals of...
from $1.32 each
Tulip Pretty Princess
Tulip 'Pretty Princess' is a strain of one of the most oldest & popular tulip varieties ever grown and cultivated...
from $0.64 each
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