Purple Tulips

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Choose Purple Tulips For A Striking Spring Garden Display

With origins tied to pomp and ceremony, purple is often associated with dignity, success, and the stature of royalty. Tulips themselves are always popular, but for a truly regal display, plant purple tulips for a colorful spring garden. Suitable for both grouping in a range of tones or as a contrast to add depth to a multi-hued arrangement, you can pick from a vast array of purple tulips from DutchGrown and create an aristocratic display.

Why Choose Purple Tulips?

Tulips are chosen for spring gardens because they come in such a wide variety of dazzling shades. Enjoy the beauty of dark purple tulips like Vincent van Gogh, or light purple tulips like Magic Lavender. Alternatively, add rich contrast with deep purple tulips like the classic Purple Prince, the double tulip Dream Touch, or the sun-loving Blue Amiable. After a long winter, pink and purple tulips bring the garden back to life with the promise that summer is on the horizon.

Planting Purple Tulip Bulbs

Depending on the purple tulip flower you want, planting season runs between September and December for an early-, mid- or late-spring bloom. If you're planning to use your purple tulips as cut flowers, consider combining the Blue Wow - with it's elongated 'artichoke' shaped bloom - with the classic shape of the Purple Pride or Negrita. Add some contrast with the Shirley or Affaire, both of which have petals that sport a richer purple on the edges.

Where Can I Find Purple Tulips Near Me?

Easy - at DutchGrown! Purple tulips complement other colors you might choose to plant but also make a breathtaking display when grown on their own. The purple tulip flower is often used during spring weddings as an extra wish of prosperity for the happy couple. To make choosing your color scheme easier, DutchGrown has a range of collections. The Garden State Collection, for example, has a dual scheme of black tulips and light purple tulips, while the Phillie Pastel Mix has three soft colors that are chosen for their complementary tones.

There’s no time like the present if you want to be prepared for next year's floral display. You can find a huge variety of purple tulips from the tulip experts at DutchGrown.