White Tulips

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Tulips are available in a wide range of forms and a myriad of colors but, for many gardeners, nothing compares to the pure elegance of white tulips. Soothing and calming, a carefully planted bed of white tulips can provide a sea of tranquility when you need relief from the turbulence of the everyday. If you favor a more intricate planting scheme, white tulips can act as an effective backdrop against a palette of more vibrant colors.

But whatever you're planning for your garden display, DutchGrown has a selection of white tulip bulbs to suit.

Exotic Varieties Of White Tulips 

Exotic white parrot tulips get their name from their ornate petals which are said to resemble the feathers of the exotic bird. Generally flowering a little later than other tulip varieties, the Tulip White Parrot has a rich and pale yellow petal base that delicately leads into a creamy white tip. Plant them close together for a lavish display when they reach full bloom.

White Emperor Tulips

The white emperor tulip certainly lives up to its name and is a truly majestic addition to any garden. Its creamy-white petals tend to have a more golden hue towards the base and the shape of the flower heads is appropriately regal. Happy in either full sun or partial shade, this white tulip variety has a lovely fragrance and is suitable for mass planting.

Buying White Tulip Bulbs

If you are looking for white tulip bulbs for sale near you, consider the range at DutchGrown. White tulip bulbs are available in different volumes, from 10 white tulip bulbs up to 1000 depending on the variety. From our Emperor Collection to the Tulip Marylin, you can find everything you need for your white spring garden right here.

It's never too soon to start planning your white flower display, so browse DutchGrown's white tulip varieties for a beautiful, tranquil display.