Leucojum Gravetye Giant (Giant Snowflake) Top size bulbs

Leucojum Gravetye Giant

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Like daffodils, snowflakes look best in large clumps. Many gardeners like to plant them underneath deciduous trees and shrubs where they can get plenty of sunlight in late winter and spring. Leucojum Gravetye Giant is pest proof and hardy to minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Improved Leucojum Aestivum and will bloom the first year! 

Height: 26 Inches. 
Bulb size: 12/14 cm.

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Deer Resistant

This product is a Deer Resistant flower bulb. Please read our blog post about deer resistant flower bulbs or see all our deer resistant flower bulbs here.

Cut Flower

This variety makes a great cut flower and looks stunning in bouquets. Click here to see all our flower bulbs that are great for cut flower use here.

Details for Leucojum Gravetye Giant (Giant Snowflake) How to Grow

Deer Resistant Yes
Density 4 per sq. ft.
Family Leucojum Aestivum Gravetye Giant, Summer Snowflake
Flowering Height 26 inches
Flowering Time Mid - Late Spring
Fragrant No
Naturalizing Yes
Planting Depth 6 inches
Sunlight Full Sun/Partial Shade
USDA Zones 3-8