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All About Red Hot Poker!

All About Red Hot Poker!

Nothing Says, “Fire” Like Planting Red Hot Poker

There are some truly unique plant names out there.

For example, have you heard of Red Hot Poker? Also known by their scientific name “Kniphofia” these fiery perennials look a lot like…well…lit torches! Which is perhaps how they earned their other nickname, “Torch Lilies.”

Originally native to South Africa, Red Hot Poker adds a blaze of color to the garden.

If you are interested in a hardy plant that gives the effect of fireworks exploding throughout the flowerbeds, consider DutchGrown’s Red Hot Poker.

Kniphofia Red Hot Poker Roots Perennials

Red Hot Poker: What to Expect


Say goodbye to boring blooms!

Red Hot Poker brings the heat – quite literally. The first thing people will notice when walking past your garden is the striking red, orange, and yellow colors. Large tubular flowers are bicolored. Each shade bleeds into the next atop spiky caps.

Towering stalks guarantee that Red Hot Poker plants don’t get lost among the green foliage. Red Hot Poker lights up a lawn. It looks especially bold when grown in clusters. Or lining the edge of a walkway.


Do you need a plant that has height?

Try Red Hot Poker. It will grow between 2 to 5 feet tall. No need to wait too long for them to reach their full glory, either. Bareroot plants can go into the ground immediately for superspeed growth.

Just be careful not to plant too closely together. 18 to 24 inches apart is ideal.

DutchGrown Kniphofia Red Hot Poker Plants

Care Level

Red Hot Poker might be a “hot” plant (but don’t worry about your wallet getting burned!)

Like most lilies, this variety isn’t too fussy. Full sun is best. However, locations with partial shade can still enjoy their sizzling beauty. What matters most is soil. Good drainage is a MUST. For full growing instructions, click into each barefoot variety (see above).

Fun Fact

Did you know?

During the second World War, Red Hot Pokers became less popular. Citizens of Europe and England were worried about food shortages. And so rather than “waste” valuable land and soil growing decorative flowers, there was a push to focus on harvesting edible crops.

Luckily, Red Hot Poker is once again getting the attention it deserves!

Red Hot Poker For Sale

A Sunny Choice for Floral Arrangements

Lastly, let’s talk about cut flowers.

People who love to have fresh blooms in the home will be delighted to learn that Red Hot Poker does well when cut. In fact, florists regularly snip this plant. It is perfect for summer weddings, parties, and special occasions where red, orange, and yellow are prominent in a dramatic color palette.

Dutch Grown suggests cutting full blooms early in the morning. Pair with simple white flowers and ferns. Or add to a vase with water.

Ready to Grow Red Hot Poker?

Overall, Red Hot Poker is an exciting choice indeed.

Gardeners all over the world prize Red Hot Poker for its flame-like appearance and warm, bold, bright colors. Hardy enough to withstand full sun, it is easy to grow and will reward you with fiery blooms all throughout late spring to early summer!
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

Gardening challenges?

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