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Growing Guide: How to Grow Dahlias

Growing Guide: How to Grow Dahlias

A summer garden is not complete without dahlias. These beautiful flowers, which are originally from Central America and Mexico, are bold and vibrant perennials that are super easy to plant and maintain. However, if you are new to gardening you might be wondering how to grow dahlias, what varieties are best suited to you, and how to care for them during the colder months.

Dahlia Varieties

With such an extensive range of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, deciding what variety of dahlia to pick can be hard. So, we’ve put together a list of the main varieties and their characteristics.

Single dahlia

Single dahlias are one of the more understated varieties of dahlia. They have a single layer of rounded or pointed petals that surrounds a central ring. Single dahlias are known for attracting pollinators.

Anemone flowering dahlia

These dahlias which are also known as Powder Puff Dahlias flourish into distinctive double feathered petals. Anemone flowering dahlias are very unusual looking and are guaranteed to make a statement in your garden.

Cactus dahlia

The cactus is one of the most popular varieties of dahlia due to their unique shape. The double pointed petals create a tube-shaped effect which is why these dahlias are often referred to as Spiky Dahlias. They range in size, starting from miniature to giant sizes.

Dark leaf dahlia

Dark leaf dahlia are known for their dark foliage making them different to most other dahlias which have bright green leaves. If you are looking to add some contrast to your garden we would recommend adding this variety.

Dwarf dahlia

As the name suggests, these dahlias are small in size. However, they can still make a great impact especially when planted in the front of garden borders and added to pots.

Pompom dahlia

This variety of dahlia has sphere shaped petals that curve inwards creating a circular flower head. Like most dahlia varieties the Pompom dahlia come in a variety of colors.

Planting dahlia tubers

Planting Dahlias Tubers

  1. Once the winter frost has disappeared you can begin to dig holes approximately 4 inches deep and 15 inches apart in well-drained soil. As dahlias prefer a sunny location try to find somewhere that receives plenty of sunlight throughout the day.
  2. Plant the dahlia tuber facing upwards with the tip of the tuber peering out of the soil.
  3. Water generously after covering the tuber with soil and then add a fertilizer every few weeks to help the dahlias grow during the summer months.
  4. Pruning is not necessary with dahlias, but you might want to deadhead the plants when some of the flowers begin to fade.

Planting dahlia tubers in pots and containers is very similar. When all signs of frost have disappeared, you can begin to plant your tubers in pots. We recommend adding some pebbles to the bottom of your pots to help with drainage. You can then add the compost and tubers to your pots and follow the same procedure as mentioned above.

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