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Using Black Flowering Bulbs Effectively

Using Black Flowering Bulbs Effectively

Using Black Flowering Bulbs Effectively

Black flowering bulbs are among the most novel and innovative in the world of plants. There are magnificent near-black tulip varieties like Tulip Queen of the Night, Black Hero and Black Parrot. The black Hyacinth Dark Dimension is truly striking, and black Fritillarias such as Persica really make a statement. But as with just about anything in life, it’s not what you have that matters as much as what you do with it.

Using Black Flowers In Your Garden

Getting the most out of dark colors

To display dark colors to their best advantage, you need to use a few tricks. Pairing black flowers with pale or bright colors is an easy go to design combination. Black flowers can all too easily fade into the background – unless you’re a smart gardener with a few tricks up your sleeve!

Create contrast

There are several ways you can achieve contrast. For example, the Tulip Alabama Collection gives you a ready-made recipe for success by combining peach and black, and the Zebra Collection gives you black and white tulips for a classic combo that’s a real attention getter. Alternatively, you can get creative with your own combinations of black and red, black and yellow, or black and pink. Silver foliage also makes a great backdrop for black flowering bulbs. The contrast between light and dark puts your dark colored blooms in the limelight. Plant them near silver foliaged perennials or in between silver ground covers for a very elegant statement.

Hyacinth Dark Dimension

Mass plant

This tip is valid for just about any plant that you want to turn into a feature. Many gardeners make the mistake of mixing things up too much. Yes, it has a certain charm, but if you want your rare blooms to really strut their stuff, mass planting means they absolutely cannot be ignored or overlooked.

Choose the right pot

Tall pots really bring black blooms into prominence – provided you choose the right pot. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a terracotta pot for your black blooms, but they’ll be all the more striking in classic white pots. Stylish? You bet! Place your pots in a prominent position and make a big impression. Creating rhythm with identical pots spaced evenly apart along a walkway, terrace or patio is a trick that’s as old as gardening but as trendy as you could wish – especially when you choose black blooms or a black and white combination.

Fritillaria Persica

Go all black

Although there are many dark foliaged shrubs and ornamental grasses, creating an all-black garden that really works can be tricky. However, we have seen it done effectively, and there’s no denying that it’s something very different and unusual. The key to success is once again based on contrast, although in this instance, you’ll use hard landscaping elements such as pebbles, pots and pavers to achieve the desired result.

Jaw dropping, show stopping ‘wow’ factor Black is usually the last color people think of when flowers come to mind, so those who love an element of surprise that’s sure to arouse comment can use black to excellent effect. Black flowers are extraordinary – give them the prominence they deserve by using our classic gardening tricks and your own creativity. Enjoy it!

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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