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Growing Guide: How to Grow Tricyrtis (Toad Lily)

Growing Guide: How to Grow Tricyrtis (Toad Lily)

Toad lilies, or Tricyrtis hirta, are a stunning addition to shaded gardens. These unique lilies display six-petaled blossoms in hues from white to soft purple, reminiscent of the enchanting purple-spotted Phalaenopsis orchids. Their vibrant purple spots and tall stems, gracefully arching and bearing leaves in a ladder-like formation, enhance their allure.

These flowers are characterized by a whimsical, fringed appearance with speckles, and stamens that jut up and out from the petals. The plant's entire surface is finely haired, leading to its nickname, "hairy toad lily." To enjoy their captivating bloom in late summer or fall, plant them in spring.

Toad lilies are relatively easy to care for if placed in the right conditions. They prefer moist, nutrient-rich soil, and thrive in shade or partial shade, requiring consistent watering. Regular soil moisture helps them grow tall and strong. Due to their height, it's beneficial to plant them in sheltered areas to protect from strong winds.

Planting Guide:

  1. Dig a hole ample enough to fit the bare root without bending or crowding.
  2. Position the bare root in the hole with the growth tip facing upward.
  3. Backfill the hole with soil, pressing it around the root to remove air pockets.
  4. Water thoroughly to settle the soil and help root development. Keep soil moist but not soggy during the growth period.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Water regularly, especially during dry periods in the first growing season, to maintain consistent soil moisture.
  • Remove competing weeds around young plants.
  • Stake or support taller plants to prevent stalk damage.
  • Once mature, Toad lilies will showcase their unique, captivating blooms in your shaded garden from late summer to autumn.

Each plant has its own needs, and Toad lilies are no exception. Regular observation and tailored care will keep them healthy and beautiful for years. Enjoy the beauty of Toad lilies and the charm they bring to your garden. Happy gardening!

Tricyrtis Toad Lily flowers

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Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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