No color makes a statement quite like red, and there's no more striking sight in the spring garden than a swathe of red tulips. Here at DutchGrown, we have a wide range of red tulip bulbs for sale, from classics like Red Impression to miniatures such as Tinka there are red tulips to suit every taste and every garden.

Our red tulip bulbs run the fall range of tone and style from classic scarlet varieties to dark red tulips like the beautiful, intricate Nachtwacht.

What Are The Best Red Tulips For Mass Planting?

As a statement bulb, most red tulip bulbs make a great impression as part of a mass planting, evocative of the vast tulip fields of Holland! In particular, the classically shaped Ad Rem works magic as part of a large-scale planting. For larger gardens, the enormous Jumbo Darwin packs a massive visual punch (it's also a great varietal for cut flowers. Deep red tulips such as Kingsblood also make for an arresting display, or for a color contrast, try a mix like Maria's Favorite Collection.

Are There Any Hardy Red Tulips?

Yes. The red tulip is a tougher flower than it looks, and many varietals can stand whatever the changeable spring weather may throw at them. Special mention though goes to the pretty, white-edged Clusiana Peppermint Stick, which will flower year after year without any special care. Many of our red tulip varieties are also deer resistant.

Where Can I Find Red Tulips Near Me?

The answer is easy: at DutchGrown! Order red tulip bulbs to be shipped to your door, and enjoy their amazing beauty in your spring garden. Just remember to stagger their planting from September through to December to ensure a constant display of glorious, vivid color all spring long.

For a bright display of classic beauty, choose red tulips from DutchGrown for your spring garden.

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Tulip Ice Cream Strawberry
EXCLUSIVE TULIP! Tulip 'Ice Cream Strawberry' is a unique double peony tulip. This is the red version of famous tulip...
from $3.45 each
Tulip Columbus
This beautiful peony tulip is glowing reddish pink and has a decorative white edge. Huge double flowers on strong tall...
from $0.48 each
Tulip Apeldoorn's Elite
Crimson petals with a contrasting yellow edge add an extra dimension to the blooms of this enchanting Darwin Hybrid Tulip....
from $0.36 each
Tulip Amazing Parrot
This new tulip lives up to its name by simply 'Amazing'. Huge flowers, very strong stems, which will stand out in...
from $0.84 each
Tulip Gudoshnik Double
An unusual color scheme made up of warm shades of lemon, raspberry and cherry is not the only striking feature of...
from $0.68 each
Tulip PepTalk
'PepTalk' is a very beautiful unique tulip. Each flower is different but all with the same color pattern. Thanks to...
from $0.68 each
Tulip Banja Luka
Bicolor tulips show off the elegant form of these classic blooms like no other. This rich golden variety has petals...
from $0.34 each
Tulip Verona Sunrise
A peony-like double tulip in a beautiful color combination of pink, peach and champagne. The huge flowers are all differently...
from $0.79 each
Tulip Kingsblood
Deep, dark, cherry red tulips! Tulip 'Kingsblood' boasts bright red blooms on strong, sturdy stems. Order Tulip Bulbs 'Kingsblood' at...
from $0.42 each
Tulip Flaming Parrot
Make yourself feel like you are on a Caribbean Island in the Spring by planting Tulip Flaming Parrot in the...
from $0.54 each
Tulip Sunlover
A surprising color-changing, double-flowering tulip with a combination of rich yellow and red/orange markings. Tulip Sunlover starts off with golden...
from $0.39 each
Tulip Clusiana Peppermint Stick
Simple, yet beautiful, this pretty red tulip with its white edged petals is hardy and durable. Without any special care...
from $0.48 each
Tulip Candy Apple Delight
This is one of the newest Darwin Hybrid Tulips around. Cherry Red petals with a nice white edging make Tulip...
from $0.52 each
Tulip Parade
Bright red tulips are the perfect way to herald the spring. If you want to understand the long standing love...
from $0.37 each
Tulip Helmar
This is an incredible red and yellow flamed triumph tulip. It has a great form and stature and really stands...
from $0.39 each
Tulip Grand Perfection
Great flaming color combination of dark yellow petals with red flames. Once the flower matures the yellow color will turn...
from $0.46 each
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