DutchGrown Organic Flower Bulb Food™

DutchGrown Organic Flower Bulb Food™

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DutchGrown Organic Flower Bulb Food™ will improve the performance of your flower bulbs. It improves the soil structure and it contains essential minerals, amino acids and nutrients. You can use DutchGrown Organic Flower Bulb Food™ for all plants. DutchGrown Organic Flower Bulb Food™ is a compressed fine grain. It is composed of various types of carefully selected seaweeds (80%) and natural minerals (20%).

Add to your soil when planting your flower bulbs and / or rake it in the ground in spring, when you see the tips of your flower bulbs popping up from the ground.

DutchGrown Organic Flower Bulb Food™:
* provides aeration to the soil
* better drainage
* strong root development
* larger flowers
* longer flowering period
* stronger and greener leaves
* helps to feed the microbes in your soil
* 100% organic
* will NOT be harmful to your soil life such as artificial fertilizer

You can fertilize 300 to 500 square feet of garden space with one bag of DutchGrown Organic Flower Bulb Food™.

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All of our flower bulbs ship in the fall, we start shipping in September: the perfect time for planting! 

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