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Tulip Varieties

Tulip Varieties

Tulip Varieties

Nothing Says Spring Is Here Better Than The Gorgeous Blooms Of The Tulip

Ruffled, single, striped, early, late, fragrant, double, and more: tulips are a very
diverse group and there are more varieties of tulip than perhaps you may realize.
To help you break it down a bit, we list our spring flower bulbs according to flower
shape, bloom time, color, fragrance, and climate zone so you can easily find the
perfect tulips for your spring garden.

Tulips Varieties List: Early Blooming Tulips

While tulip season reaches its peak in mid-April, by planting different varieties it’s
possible to enjoy tulips in bloom from March through May. Kaufmannia tulips bloom
in March and naturalize well. Early single tulips, such as our tulip Showwinner, and
the large bloomed Emperor tulips come in a spectrum of colors. With sturdy 12" to 18" stems, they're able to withstand spring breezes better than some of the taller

Tulip Species List: Midseason Types

With midseason tulips, you’re really spoiled for choice! The large blooms of Darwin
hybrids make a real statement while Greigii tulips produce 2 - 4 blooms per stem
for a lavish effect. Triumph tulips such as King's Orange and Purple Prince are
amongst the most popular of the midseason varieties and offer countless color
combinations. Look out for varieties such as the almost black Queen of Night and soft pink Salmon Impression.

Tulip Varieties Late Flowering Tulips

The season continues with Viridiflora tulips with green streaked blooms, lily flowered tulips, and the fringed and parrot varieties. The tulip season comes to a
magnificent finale with double late tulips with peony-like blooms and tall single late varieties with stems growing up to 24". Go for a single variety such as the pale pink and white Angelique or opt for one of our stunning tulip combinations.

Explore our tulip varieties list, where you’ll discover a fabulous collection of early,
midseason and later blooming tulips in colors and sizes to suit every taste.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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