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When To Plant Allium Bulbs

When To Plant Allium Bulbs

When To Plant Allium Bulbs

Bring Gorgeous Color To The Garden With Deer-resistant Alliums

Alliums deserve a place in every garden. These beautiful spring flower bulbs in
shades of lilac, purple, pink, yellow, and white come in a fantastic range of shapes
and sizes. Depending on the variety, they bloom from late spring through summer.
Alliums are members of the onion family and while they don’t actually smell of
onion, deer and other animals dislike the taste and will leave them alone. Read on
to find out when to plant allium bulbs for the best results.

When To Plant Allium Bulbs

Allium bulbs should be planted in fall, ideally from September through December.
This allows the roots to start growing before the ground freezes, but “how deep do
you plant allium bulbs?” is the most common question… They are quite large and some varieties are small, so a good rule when calculating how deep to plant allium bulbs is to dig the planting hole at least three times the size of the bulb. Choose a sunny spot with soil that doesn’t get too waterlogged as, like most flower bulbs, alliums do not enjoy “getting their feet wet”.

When To Plant Allium Bulbs In Warm Locations

Alliums thrive planted in the garden in all regions of North America except the
coldest, where they are best grown in containers that can be kept out of the frost
over the winter. In areas with a warm climate, you can plant alliums as late as

When Do You Plant Allium Bulbs In Pots?

When growing alliums in pots, you should plant them in fall. If you want to grow
alliums indoors, plant the bulbs in September. Keep the pot in a cool dark place for
8 - 10 weeks until the shoots start to grow, then move them to a bright, warm
position where they will soon burst into bloom.

Now that you’ve learned when is the best time to plant allium bulbs, all that
remains is to decide which varieties to choose. Browse our allium collection where
you will find a dazzling array of allium bulbs to suit every location.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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