Unusual, exclusive, hard to get, newly introduced or rare flower bulbs? These are the varieties that you'll find in our Elite Bulb collection. One of our favorite sections in our wholesale flower bulb assortment, we are constantly adding new specialty bulb varieties for our true bulb collectors, connoisseurs and enthusiasts. So please don't forget to check back regularly to see what's new!


Tulip PepTalk
'PepTalk' is a very beautiful unique tulip. Each flower is different but all with the same color pattern. Thanks to...
from $0.54 each
Tulip Cabanna Parrot
THE new tulip for 2019! This brand new tulip 'Cabanna Parrot' was bred by one of the best Dutch breeders...
from $0.84 each
Tulip Vaya con Dios
This amazing new tulip is more of a peony than a tulip. Huge full double flowers that are charmingly fringed....
from $0.88 each
Dutch Iris Pink Panther
THE NEW Dutch Iris. This color is completely new in the Dutch Iris range. It has a truly unique pink...
from $0.56 each
Tulip Olivia
Double Tulip ‘Olivia’ is truly kissed by the sun. This new elite bulb has big and full peony-like blooms, its...
from $0.78 each
Daffodil Green Garden
Daffodil 'Green Garden' is a great reverse bi-color. Bi-color daffodils have white petals and a yellow trumpet like daffodil 'Attraction'...
from $0.74 each
Tulip Avant Garde
Tulip ‘Avant Garde’ is an early double tulip, blooming in early to mid-spring. Its big and full blooms are almost...
from $0.44 each
Allium Popeye
This amazing new Allium lives up to its name! The stem of this plant looks like gigantic muscles. Of course...
from $4.90 each
Tulip Miami Sunset
The big flowers of Crispa Tulips Miami Sunset have a breathtaking play of color, like a tropical sunset. This new...
from $0.49 each
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