The DutchGrown Guarantee

At DutchGrown we sell the healthiest and freshest flower bulbs in the industry. All we sell is 100% grower’s quality - no tired, over-used, old dried out bulbs, EVER! All material is meticulously inspected at every stage, from diligent disease control during the growing stage through to careful handling during packaging. The quality of all products that we sell far exceeds industry standards. When planted and cared for conscientiously (adhering to basic recognized growing practices and following care instructions mentioned throughout our site), our flower bulbs should provide outstanding results.

That said, when working with live plants, bulbs and tubers, there are circumstances over which we have no control and cannot guarantee. Bad weather, unfortunate timing, too much or too little sunlight or moisture, basic human incompetence and plain bad luck can all lead to unforeseen and less than satisfactory results. As experienced gardeners are aware, Mother Nature doesn’t promise perfect outcomes, and neither can we. What we do promise is that the products we ship to you will be:

- True to name
- The size promised, if not larger
- Healthy, vibrant and ready to grow
- Disease and pest free
- The exact varieties you ordered (we NEVER make substitutions without express permission!)
- Clearly labeled so you’ll know which variety is which
- Commercially cultivated and never taken from the wild is not be responsible for lost or stolen packages, damage to the products as a result of being left in inclement weather, freezing temperatures, etc…, damage to products as a result of prolonged travel times caused by the customer not being present, UPS/FedEx or any other carrier delays, delays as a result of Customs and Agricultural inspections. As we make every effort to ensure your flower bulbs are delivered on time we cannot control the shipping carrier so in turn we are not responsible for carriers’ late deliveries. As Mother Nature is unfortunately largely beyond our control, we are unable to guarantee that your plants will grow under every and all conditions.

Claims regarding quality must be reported to within 7 days of receipt of product. Claims made after 7 days of receipt of product will not be accepted. In order to process your claim, we will request digital pictures and the return of all products and all claims will be handled on a case by case basis.

Through experience and hard work we have a fantastic track record with 99.9% customer satisfaction. If you do have a question or complaint about any product purchased from us, we invite you to contact us immediately by email at so that we can get to the root of the problem.

What to do if your product arrives damaged:

The likelihood of your shipment arriving damaged is very slim. However, if there is a problem on delivery, please contact customer service at on the same day that the order was delivered and a claim will be initiated with the carrier. You will need to retain the package(s) for a minimum of 7 days, as the delivery company may want to inspect the damaged product. We are able to reship replacement product after the delivering carrier has approved the damage claim. If we are currently out of stock of that item, we will gladly offer a substitute, or you may wait until the next shipping season for your area. We are not responsible for shipping delays or damage in shipment. We are not able to honor claims that are made more than 24 hours after receipt of the damaged product. After expiry of the terms mentioned above, customer is deemed to have approved the products delivered. For any concerns about your order, please contact us at