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What Are the Best Bulbs for Shade?

What Are the Best Bulbs for Shade?

What Are the Best Bulbs for Shade?

Bring Ravishing Spring Color to Every Corner of Your Garden with Flower Bulbs for Shade

Which Are the Best Bulbs for Shade?

Thanks to their early flowering times, before the trees have fully developed their leaves, bulbs can be planted almost anywhere you like in your garden or landscaping scheme, whether in the shade or in the sun.

Some of the best bulbs that bloom in the shade:

  • snowdrops
  • crocuses
  • early tulips
  • miniature daffodils
  • scilla
  • leucojum
  • chinodoxia
  • lily of the valley

Mass plantings of a single variety in the shade make a striking impression or plant several varieties in a container to enjoy months of color: plant tulip bulbs at the deepest level, then miniature daffodils or narcissi, and for the top layer, add snowdrops or crocuses.

How to Plant Bulbs for Shaded Areas?

As winter draws to a close, spring growth is naturally still a little sparse, so when planting in shaded areas, group your bulbs together for the best effect. Bulbs give their best display when planted in well-drained, fertile soil but will grow almost anywhere.

Many bulbs naturalize well and look fabulous planted in lawns and meadows or under trees; once established, they will return year after year to bid farewell to winter with a carpet of jewel-like blooms. When planted in a flower bed, bulbs for part shade are the perfect partners for perennials that come into bloom as the bulb flowers fade and their leaves die down. Try combining daffodils with Lady’s Mantle or tulips with petunias or impatiens.

Buying the Best Bulbs for Shade

For the best display, bulbs for shady areas should be large, healthy and feel heavy for their size. All our bulbs are expertly grown in the Netherlands, the world center for flower bulb farming, where the mild climate, loamy soil and generations of expertise combine to create the ideal environment for top-quality bulbs.

Your bulbs for shade are shipped to you in the fall in perfect condition, ready for planting. With our wholesale pricing system, the more bulbs you buy, the cheaper they are: our discounts and early bird offers make our bulbs for shade even more affordable.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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